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Flippr: The Complete Redesign of Ironing Board

Flippr is an ironing board for those of us that don’t necessarily enjoy spending an hour a week ironing our shirts, or pants. Ironing is for many of us is annoying & irritating, so we’re going to make it quicker and less tedious.

Flippr Board

The innovative 360-degree Flippr Ironing Board is easier, faster and more enjoyable than traditional ironing boards.
It’s simple. Flippr (Patented) has two sides.

Torso-shaped board with 360-degree rotation will save you 80% of your ironing time. The design of this ironing board blows the traditional one out of the water.

For your shirts, place your shirt on the torso shaped board, iron, flip,  iron.

Ironing Board

Sleeves? No problem. The included detail board allows you to iron collars and sleeves.

Ironing Board

The Flippr is so convenient to wheel around so you can practically use it anywhere. The office, out at dinner, even at the park.

And of course, you can’t forget your pants. Included with the Flippr is also a pant clip to clip down the seam and make it easier to iron.

Done ironing? The Flippr has wheels for easy travel convenience.

You probably don’t iron your stuff because it’s tedious and takes a ton of time. Not with the Flippr, we managed to iron shirts in 2 minutes flat!

The Flippr stands on it’s own. The board requires no assembly and is very lightweight and easy to handle.

It is about 6″ thick so it can neatly stack up against a closet wall.

The Flippr has 8 height adjustments. From all the way sitting to about 36″ high

Due to it’s proprietary bolt-less construction the Flippr weighs a mere 12lbs – a little more than the weight of a house-cat, bowling ball, or a bag of sugar.

It flip both ways, the Flippr goes both clockwise, and counterclockwise.

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Price: $129.99

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