Flash Torch Mini – The World’s Smallest Burning Flashlight!

FlashTorch Mini is the world’s smallest burning flashlight that is capable of producing an incredible 2300 lumens of intense white light which is 40% smaller than the FlashTorch. Use this power to guide your way home, light a fire, or even fry an egg! Why illuminate when you can incinerate?

smallest burning flashlight


Built to last

Machined from military-grade anodised aluminum, the FlashTorch Mini is tough enough to survive in the harshest of environments. The heat-resistant lens and reflector will channel the intense light into a wide floodlight or searchlight, and the halogen lamp’s maximum lifetime of 1000 hours will ensure that this is a flashlight that you can always rely on.

smallest burning flashlight

On paper and in the field, the FlashTorch smallest burning flashlight is flat out beastly. To put the 2,300 lumens in perspective, a regular 75-watt bulb produces about 1,100 lumens. Similarly, some of the most popular “ultra bright” flashlights on the market deliver a mere 300 lumens. This makes the FlashTorch Mini more of handheld floodlight than a traditional flashlight.

The unit has three power settings that cycle with the press of the LED button on the handle. The high power mode creates a massive field of clean, white light. This unfortunately drains the battery rather quickly, going from full to empty in about 30 minutes. Then again, you will rarely need such an intense light for a half hour at a time, if ever.


Utilising Lithium technology, the FlashTorch Mini is now lighter and has a longer run time. The brightness of the FlashTorch Mini can be tailored to your own needs with 3 power selection modes. It can also be recharged without having to remove the battery, and the new automatic lock-out mode will prevent accidental use. Each FlashTorch Mini includes a battery and a charger.

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Technical Specs

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