Fitbit Blaze –A Smart Fitness Watch, Challenges Apple-Smartwatch

Fitbit, one of the top-list wearable technology manufacturers, has recently revealed its new smartwatch. The company labeled the device as smart fitness watch. To the time Fitbit Blaze is a revolution in the field of smartwatch.

Fitbit Blaze –A Smart Fitness Watch, Challenges Apple-Smartwatch

What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a high-tech wristwatch and it serves as minicomputer. Along with displaying time the recant models of the smartwatch are having functions like media player, calculator, Bluetooth, GPS, text messages and even receiving phone calls and sometimes touchscreen.

Features of the Fitbit Smartwatch:

Fitbit Blaze challenges the former Apple smartwatch on the behalf of its long battery timing. Fitbit’s smartwatch is having a battery time of about 5 days while the Apple smartwatch boasts only one day battery time.

The Fitbit Blaze is capable to read the text message, answer the phone call, show maps and play music with color touch screen. But the company put emphasis on fitness of the device in contrast to highly featured Apple smartwatch. The basic purpose of the device is not to put all the apps of the mobile on the wristwatch but it is just a tool not a toy, says Woody Scal, a business officer at Fitbit

The new features of the Blaze include activity tracker that makes it more than just a smartwatch. Blaze automatically detects your activity like walking or cycling etc.

Moreover the device is light weight, with 44 g for the large version. Blaze is so light that you will often feel as you are not wearing anything on your wrist. However it is available in small, large and extra-large sizes.

The watch’s design is functional and has an octagonal structure with steel frame and rubber straps. The rubber straps feel comfortable; however the leather and steel versions are also available. No doubt the design is not so charming but slimline and light weight structure (25.4 mm x 19 mm) gets its place in the market.

How it looks like?

Blaze has a small screen with 31.75 mm diagonal screen size and 25.38 x 19.04 mm display area. The screen provides 240 x 180 pixels resolution with 16 bit color display. The screen of Blaze is fully outdoor tasks compatible as it is scratch resistant.

Some downsides about Blaze that you may not like:

Fitbit Blaze lacks some feature that other competitive gadgets in the market have. Some of these are following;

  1. Blaze is not compatible with all mobile apps.Fitbit Blaze
  2. It can’t make you to read the emails.
  3. Also it does not allow the voice controls.
  4. The appearance is not so much appealing and attractive.
  5. The octagonal frame structure resembles the stop sign.
  6. The screen of the Fitbit Blaze is relatively small.
  7. The clock faces are not inspiring.
  8. Blaze has weak battery life than the stated 5-days battery life.

Comparison with other smartwatches:

In comparison with other smartwatches in the market, Blaze lacks some extraordinary features like opening email. However it is the most selling device on amazon due to its comfortable and unobtrusive structure and light weight. The main feature of activity tracking is embedded in best way in the device.

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