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deeper-the-smart-fish-findeFish finder is an electronic device which is basically used to detect or locate a fish under the water. It floats on the surface of the water and transmits the bottom details e.g. depth, bottom structure, temperature, vegetation, fish location and other valuable fishing information on the screen of your smart phone or tablet.

Demo video:

Fish finders were derived from “fathometers”. Fathometers are actually active sonar system which was used for navigation and safety to determine the depth of water. The instrument gets its name from a depth unit “fathom”. As the both instruments, the fish finder and the fathometer work the same way and both use the similar frequencies, the both instruments have been merged.

Operating System (functionality):

Fish finder uses the Bluetooth connection to transfer the data to your cellular phone. An electrical impulse is from the transmitter is converted into sound waves by the underwater hydrophone and sent into the water. When this wave strikes with something inside the water such as a fish, a rock etc, it reflects back and shows the size, composition, and shape of the object. The quality of the result depends upon the power and frequency of the wave transmitted. The Bluetooth connection secures the distance between the device (deeper) and the cellular phone up to 130 ft/40 m.




An impulse is send from the hydro phone in the form of radio waves which when strikes with an object under water like fish it reflects back is detected by the detector. By knowing the value of the speed of wave in water,1500 m/s in sea water and 1463 m/s in fresh water , the distance to the object can be calculated. This process is repeated for 40 times per second and eventually the bottom of the ocean is displayed against time on the screen of your cell phone.

fishfinder-storeThe capability of the instrument to sense the temperature and pressure make it able to find the exact location of the fish under water. Many fish finder also have the track-back capability in order to check the changes in the position of the fish i.e. to track its movement.

Exploring underwater structure:

using the fish finder you can get the real image of what is going on under the water. You can track the sunken timber,rocks and pits, under water vegetation and migrating shoal.


Dual beam fish finder

Double frequency fish finder provides the twofold coverage area. Use the narrow beam 290kHz (15o) to scan the bottom structure with high accuracy and use the wider beam 90kHz (55o) for extended search area


Free Application available

Deeper App has the compatibility with more than 9800 iOS and android devices. It operates in online as well as in off line modes and provide the users with useful features. Deeper application is handy to use, can operate in multiple languages and is free to download and update.

Pros and Cons of the  device:


  • maxresdefaultIt gives more accurate images than the traditional fishfinder.
  • It may focus on the details like an individual fish within a group of fish.
  • It gives great results for deep water.


  • It shows unreadable blur on the screen if used in shallow water area due to its powerful signal.
  • Mostly it concentrates downward areas; therefore, it is easy to miss side images.

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