Eton Scorpion- portable multipurpose digital radio

Eton Scorpion

There is no compromise on communication during a survival situation. Here the trustworthiness is present in using Eton Scorpion multipurpose device. The device is a radio, flashlight, phone charger, bottle opener all at once. It is a perfect match for camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting and above all suitable for a survival situation.

This all is possible within the rocky Eton Scorpion’s rough surface, specially designed for all outdoor activities. You may easily clip it wherever you want with its carbineer without the fear of its getting wet because it is a splash proof gadget.

Eton Scorpion

Quality Features of the device

1.     Internally embedded power supply:

An important feature which may be astonishing to you that the emergency radio does not requires any external power source. Eton Scorpion is embedded with an internal 800mAh lithium battery, chargeable with integral solar panel. It may also charge it mechanically using a hand crank.

2.     Emergency Charger:

The Eton Scorpion device may also be used to boost the power of your cell phone. So next time you will never be with your mobile phone out of power. Connect the phone with the device via USB port and turn the hand crank. It will automatically transfer power to your phone. In this way Eton Scorpion is very helpful for any important call or text during emergency situation.

Emergency Charger

3.     Listen what you want:

Stay connected with all around the world, no matter where you are. You may listen to your favorite channel at FM/AM and Eton digital radio. It provides accurate tuning and optimum reception. Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio is enabled with AUX input and hence can be used to play music of your own choice. If you want to listen alone, there is also an option to plug in the headphone.

Listen what you want

4.     All times companion:

Eton Scorpion is very easy to carry with, having a net weight of 0.86 lb. The rough surface is suitable for any outdoor adventure. The Eton is designed with a carbine-er which locks the device tightly e.g. to your back pack.

5.     Flash light:

The device is also enabled with a ½ watt LED flash light. It may help you for any type of outdoor job, e.g. a night march, night camping, journey through a forest.

Flash light

6.     Whether information:

This emergency radio gives you opportunity to use it as an altimeter to check the height, as well as a barometer to check the atmospheric pressure. In this way you can predict weather without going outside the room.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: (2.5 x 6.3 x 2)”
  • Colors : Black and orange
  • weight: 0.86 lb
  • Head-phone jack
  • Flash light
  • AUX input
  • Solar panel
  • Hand rank for charging
  • Water resistant rough surface
  • Digital tuner
  • Bands: FM/AM/ NOAA


  • It has an efficient crank along with the in-built solar panel.
  • Only a 2-3 min crank is required for a full charge.
  • The rubber shell saves it from cracking.
  • Along with emergency aid it also provides you recreational device.


  • It does not support Morse code beacon and lacks a siren.
  • The solar or internal battery power can’t be used for USB devices (e.g. cell phone)
  • Doesn’t allows remove able batteries.
  • Radio doesn’t has any station memory. It tunes only one station in one time.

Demo video:

Wanders for the Device:

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