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Nn-tech 4k ultra HD

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If you’ve been wanting a full-blown 4K UHD home theater projector for some serious movie watching power but get a headache from just glancing at the prices these things go for, then N-Tech might just have a solution for you. The company is working to offer one hell of a potential alternative to devices like some of Sony’s native 4K projection models, which are genuinely awesome but can retail for absurdly high prices of over $20,000 and remain crazy expensive despite it now being 2018 and holy crap why didn’t this technology get cheap yet?

The N-Tech gadget might just solve that last question extremely competitively. Designed as a wireless, portable model with one extremely compact, stackable form factor, the little device even comes packed with built-in surround sound speakers. Best of all, it’s going to supposedly offer 4K ultra HD resolution, great luminosity and possibly even HDR for a fantastic promised price of just $475.The N-Tech projector will deliver 4K resolution at 3,840 x 2160 pixels, with support for 4K video at 60FPS and a projection size that ranges between just 32 inches and a whopping 360 inches at distances of between 2.6 and 29.5 feet. The projector will also offer a very decent luminosity of 1,500 ANSI lumens, which is comparable to what we’ve seen with more “affordable” Sony 4K models that still cost several thousand dollars. Other features will include a battery module with 8 hours of life and speaker power of 3 Watts. There will also be connectivity options for HDMI (vital for 4K content), WiFi, USB and Bluetooth. The device even comes with a built-in 32GB storage unit.

N-Tech is promising early investors a delivery price of just $475 and the estimated delivery time for this powerful-sounding home multi-media device is September of 2018. There is some risk to them not delivering on this but if they do and the N-Tech projector works as well as its specs indicate, then it’s going to really burn Sony and other 4K home theater projector makers into dropping their own prices.

What we don’t yet have clear on the little device is whether the 4K it offers is the true, native kind that Sony’s models deliver or the upscaled 4K of cheaper alternatives from Epson, Optoma and others. Quite frankly, even if it only does upscaled pixel-shift 4K resolution, at $475 it’s still a lot cheaper than anything else we’ve seen with the words projector and 4K in its name.Read more..

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