eGeeTouch – Innovative Smart Electronic Padlock

eGeeTouch – Innovative Smart Electronic PadlockeGeeTouch Padlocks are the world’s first patented Bluetooth + NFC smart electronic padlocks that replace conventional padlocks. This award winning smart padlock has many advantages over other regular padlocks include;

  1. It doesn’t require mechanical keys to open it.
  2. Controlled from eGeeTouch smart App
  3. Enables canceling or deleting of tags or paired devices IDs only by the authorized user.
  4. It instantly traces the unlocking records on the basis of who, when and where the access was made with Audit Trails.
  5. No key, no code or pattern memorizing and no dial digit code

Watch the Smart Electronic Padlock in Action

This intelligent padlock is embedded with dual access using NFC as well as Bluetooth technology, which provides high security with ease of access along with tractability of historical access. The smart padlock needs only one-touch to unlock it through your preferred method either by NFC or by Bluetooth enabled smart devices like smart watches, smartphones, NFC Fobs/Sticker/Tags and others.

eGeeTouch – Innovative Smart Electronic Padlock

Comparison of NFC & Bluetooth Technology:

Among both access choices NFC technology is better than Bluetooth technology due to: (1) high security which eradicates the fear of unwanted vicinity interference or hijacking. (2) The faster connection gives instant access with no latency. (3) No power or battery is required because of the passive device NFC Tag thus extending the battery life to years.

However bluetooth technology is available as vicinity tracker and the alternative access mode.


Available Products:

Smart Padlock

Smart TSA Luggage Lock

Smart Luggage Lock Module

Smart Drawer & Locke Lock

Smart Glass door Lock

Smart Container Lock

Smart Bicycle Lock

Key Features of Smart Electronic Padlock:

  • Unlock with just a press of the shackle and tapping the paired (via NFC or Bluetooth) smart device like NFC tag, smart watch or smartphone.
  • No physical replacement of key is needed as it doesn’t require conventional keys.
  • eGeeTouch App is available to store lock’s information including lock IDs for convenient pairing with other smart devices.
  • Audit Trail provides the historical information of the access-control records which is not present in other smart locks at the market.
  • The smart padlock is embedded with replaceable battery (LR44) giving a 2 years battery lifetime provided 3 times lock/unlock process per day.
  • LED indication of lock/unlock status.
  • Compact size and hard Shackle made of Stainless Steel.

Key Features of Smart Electronic Padlock

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