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Voice TranslatorEcho Ring is a stylish and discrete voice translator with features like personal assistance and gesture controls. With Echo Ring world would be, literally, on your fingertips. It may translate 24 international languages into one another. You speak into the integrated microphone and it instantly translates it into the desired language.

This innovative technology device is quite helpful for people like international travelers and tourists. The coolest voice translator says goodbye to the language barriers and frees you to move across the world without worrying about language barriers.


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Features at Glance:

Voice Translator:

Echo Ring is the world’s smallest and coolest language translator which can translate 24 international languages including Arabic, English, Chinese, Turkish, Dutch and many others.

Voice Translator

Phone Calls Handler:

Echo Ring introduced an innovative technology make and receives phone calls and sends voice mails. You may speak it to make, answer or reject a call or you can also make all this possible with just a single gesture of your hand.

Voice Translator

Gesture Control:

The Echo Ring device in enough intelligent to do understand you hand gestures. Via Bluetooth connection to the phone, it operates your phone to make, answer and rejects calls, send voice mails, emails, post to Facebook, Tweet, play music and much more.

Amazon Alexa:

Echo Ring device is compatible with Amazon Alexa thereby giving you an opportunity to control verbally your cell phone and other smart devices.

Voice Translator

Panic Button:

Echo Ring is your bad time companion. In case of any emergency it will automatically ring to the emergency services and they will be able to locate you in real-time too.

Echo Ring is Perfect for….


Language is the best way to interact with people in other cultures. The device is quite important and helpful for people who love to travel across the world the most but are shy of language barriers when interacting people with other languages. Echo Ring makes you an international language master allowing you to communicate anybody anywhere.

Voice Translator


The device is quite suitable for students studying abroad or learning some new language in their home country.


In this advance world the world has become a global village. Echo Ring facilitates the Professionals e.g. businessman to attend international meetings and communicate with experts from all over the world.

Voice Translator

Where to Buy?

The product is estimated to ship in Feb 2018.

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