Earn Money Online in Form of Google Play Credits

Google Play and Apple’s App Store have been in a continuous competition with each other since both began in 2008 (Google Play was named as Android Market at the time). It was once way behind the App Store in terms of downloads and available apps, but Google Play has made a comeback. In 2014, it finally beat the App Store for most apps and downloads. As more people are switching over to Android devices, it’s no wonder the demand for Google Play Credits is on the rise!

Let’s dig into how you can get some of these desired credits. Forget about getting them for low price – you can get them for free!

Intro to Google Play Credits?

Earn Money Online in Form of Google CreditsGoogle Play credits are like virtual currency for the Google Play store.

When you want to purchase a song, app, book, or anything else on Google Play, you usually use an account, like a bank account or PayPal, to complete the purchase.

You can also use Google Play credits, instead of using money from your bank account.

Basically, Google Play credits are like gift cards.

However much you have in credit is what will be applied to your purchase first, if you choose to use them.

Then, if there’s a balance due, the rest will be deducted from your linked account.

The best part is they’ll never expire, so as long as you want them to sit in your account, they’ll be there!

How Do You Redeem Them?

You can buy (or receive as a gift) a Google Play gift card, which is available in various stores, in-store and online.

I’ll also discuss in this post, many of the FREE ways you can earn them!

You can add Google Play credits to your account by linking a Google Play gift card or code to your account.

First, find your account in the app.

Click ‘Redeem’ and enter the promotional code or gift card code.

Press Redeem, and it will instantly be applied to your account!

When you go to purchase anything from Google Play, you’ll be asked how you want to pay.

You can then choose to use your credits balance or save it for another time and use your linked account instead.

Google Play Credit Hacks! How to Get Free Google Play Money

SwagbucksEarn Swag Bucks Google Play Credits

Swagbucks is my favorite rewards app for so many reasons!

It’s super easy to earn rewards in so many different ways through Swagbucks that it never gets boring. And, rewards add up quickly!

I’ve cashed out gift cards every couple of weeks when I use it frequently, and it couldn’t be easier.

You can take surveys, play games, shop online for cash back, watch sponsored videos, refer your friends, learn about new products and companies, and more.

It’s a rewards site that’s – dare I say it – fun!

And, if you meet your daily Swagbucks goal, you earn free Swagbucks, just to give you a little more motivation to earn.

Don’t forget to check your Swagbucks Inbox every day too. This has tons of great ways to earn small to large amounts of Swagbucks!

Once you reach 1,000 Swagbucks (which isn’t difficult to do!) you can cash out for $10 in Google Play credits.

There’s another gift card amounts available too, and Swagbucks often has promotions where it discounts the number of Swagbucks needed to redeem a prize!

Join Swagbucks now



AppNana is a rewards app for both iOS and Android that earns you iOS and Android credit toward your system’s app store.

You will earn ‘Nanas’ every time you download and play apps that you find through AppNana. When you earn enough Nanas, you redeem them for free Google Play credits!

Cubic-Reward Google Play CreditsCubic Reward

Cubic Reward is a rewards app that pays you in Google Play credits.

You can earn rewards by downloading apps and playing games, or by referring your friends to the app.

There are also daily events to join that give you an opportunity to win bonus points.

FeaturePoints Google Play CreditsFeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is another rewards app that lets you try out apps for free.

App developers often partner with these types of apps to get exposure to their new apps and help work out the kinks.

You can also refer friends for more points, which you can redeem for several different prizes, including Google Play gift cards.

FreeMyApps online play creditsFreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is very similar to FeaturePoints, rewarding you for downloading and using new apps and games.

There are tons of gift cards to choose from for rewards, like Amazon, CVS, or even Minecraft currency, but Google Play credit is among the most popular.

Gift Box

Gift Box is a rewards app with Google Play gift cards as redeemable prizes.

You can earn points just by visiting the app daily, playing Spin the Wheel games, downloading apps, watching videos, and referring your friends.

gift-wallet Google Play CreditsGift Wallet

Gift Wallet is another popular rewards app that mostly focuses on redeeming offers. Some will cost some money (and earn more points), but some are free.

You can also earn points by sharing the app with your friends on social media, and even more if you get them to join too!

Your gift card gets delivered via e-mail, so make sure it’s an address you check often.

Google Opinion RewardsGoogle Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is my absolute favorite way to earn Google Play credits.

The app will notify you when there’s a new survey available.

They’re super quick surveys, usually no more than three questions, and they pay, on average, about $0.25 each!

I’ve gotten anywhere from $0.10 to $1 per survey, for about 10 seconds of my time.

Your earnings automatically get applied to your Google Play account, so you won’t even have to redeem any codes.

And, they show up immediately after taking a survey!

Whaff rewards Google Play CreditsWhaff Rewards

Whaff Rewards is yet another app-downloading rewards app.

This one, however, will give you Google Play credit just by connecting your Facebook account and entering the code that pops up on your screen.

To get more, you can download other apps, with each one paying between 10 to 70 cents.

The longer you keep apps on your device without deleting them, the more you can earn to redeem for Google Play credits.

25 Google Play CreditsRegister Your Device

If you have a Samsung tablet or smartphone, register it with Samsung.

These promotions also change from time to time, but there are sometimes offers for $25 in Google Play credit just for registering!

And Finally, Watch Out for Google Play Credit Scams!

As with most gift card hunts, you’re bound to run into some scams along the way.

Google Play Credit Generators are all over the web, claiming to generate you a code that you can use to redeem free credits.

I suggest staying away from any of these “generator” websites.

Quite simply, they absolutely will not do what they promise and can cause serious damage to your information instead.

If you think you found, or have fallen victim to, one of these scams, feel free to report it to the Federal Trade Commission or Internet Crime Complaint Center.

The two agencies can investigate possible scams and get them removed from the internet for good.

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