Dyson Heurist 360 robot vacuum cleaner

Dyson has given its Robo-cleaner some new brains. More precisely, they’ve put a quad-core processor and 10GB of garage onboard, 20x what its predecessor the Eye was geared up with. Introducing Dyson Robot vacuum cleaner to you.

The extra computing oomph method that it needs to get better at navigating and charting the fine details of your house. Once the Heurist has mapped your property, you could tell it to clean the handiest precise areas via your property or perceive no-go areas full of valuable cables.

Product Description

Twice the suction of any Robot vacuum*. The Dyson 360 Eye robot is a powerful vacuum cleaner first and foremost with the Dyson digital motor V2 inside to deliver powerful suction and Radial Root cyclone technology to capture microscopic dust and dirt.

The Dyson 360 Eye robot sees its environment using a 360⁰ vision system allowing the robot to clean intelligently, moving in an efficient, systematic pattern. With the Dyson Link app, available on IOS or Android, you can control, schedule, and analyze your robot wherever you are.

With a full-width brush bar with carbon fiber filaments, it can thoroughly and efficiently clean in a single pass. And, with continuous tank tracks, it is engineered for accurate maneuvering over all floors. * suction testing based on ASTM F558, dust-loaded against Robot market.


Add no-go zones

Customize your robot’s behavior. Including telling your robot which zones to avoid altogether.

Set the rules

Protect delicate items with no-climb areas. Or switch off the brush bar motor in quiet zones or over long-haired rugs.

Power where you need it

Choose High mode for powerful suction, Max mode for even deeper cleans, or Quiet mode for low-noise cleaning.

Schedule your cleans

Fit you’re cleaning around you. Set a time, day, and frequency to suit each zone in your home.

Connect and clean. Wherever you are

Connect quickly and easily using Bluetooth® wireless technology to control your clean, whether you’re home or not.

See where the robot has cleaned

Keep track of where your robot has been, with maps that show its path around your home.

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