Drone Ambulance – Making the difference between life and death

Drone Ambulance for a more quick response in an Emergency

Drone ambulance is a one person ambulance which is aimed to provide emergency services in remote areas. The drone ambulance will be operated by GPS or Pilot or both. It will make a prominent difference between life and death.


Drone is the latest technology in the field of transportation. However,to the time, this technology has been just used for special tasks like photography, areal monitoring and mapping etc. However the engineers at Argodesign, a Texas technology co. are thinking to utilize this flourishing technology for the betterment of paramedical field. The company is,however, exploring about the problems that can be solved with the help of drone technology. Idea of Drone ambulance is under consideration after standard quadcopter.

This drone ambulance having single person capacity. It could reach the emergency or disaster sites more quickly and rapidly bypassing the road obstacles. In this way roughly 1,000 lives may be saved which are lost every year due to slow emergency response. Having propellers, in addition to tires, is great and easy way to reach disaster areas, road accident or in any emergency situation even in remote and hard to go areas.

How would it work?

In case of any emergency situation,  a road accident, the ambulance will be send off to the victim place along with emergency medical expert. The most interesting thing about this drone is that it will require a pilot at the time of launch or for takeoff. Hence it can leave the station immediately and reaches the directed location quickly. The main advantage of this drone ambulance over the ordinary four wheel ambulance is its bypassing ability to the ground obstacles.

Significant Features:

  • Makes the emergency service faster
  • Can reach congested as well as remote areas
  • Land hurdles and obstacles are not a problem for it
  • Can take off almost every where
  • Doesn’t need the pilot on the spot



When would it will be available in the field?

According to the company, they have consulted the aeronautical engineers and they agreed with the idea. Though the idea of ambulance drone is feasible but yet they have not made any detailed analysis and to the time it’s just an idea.

What would be its market price?

Although there is no detailed study about its manufacturing cost or retail price however it is hoped that it will not cost more than your expensive car.

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