The Dash-Smart Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The world’s first smart wireless bluetooth earphones are now on market with built in 1000 songs memory as well as body sensors like heartbeat and other movements tracker.

The Dash consists of a couple of wireless and isolated stereo earpieces. It is not just a wireless bluetooth earphone but it is a small computer in ear. With a 4 GB internal memory it is a fantastic mp3 player as well as, bluetooth headset, a microphone, fitness tracker, sports watch and above all a heartbeat tracker.

The Dash-Smart Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Features of wireless bluetooth earphone:


The Dash is able to track your movement like steps, pace, distance and cadence and also measures heart rate along with energy spent and oxygen saturation level.


Wireless Music:

This smart wireless bluetooth earphone delivers a crystal clear voice with its ear-bone, embedded, microphone. Moreover the user can make use of “transparent filter” feature to swipe out ambient sounds. The frequency range of the microphones is 20-20 kHz.

Wireless Music


In addition to 4 GB memory storage it also has features like digital signal processing, 4.0 bluetooth with APT-X and a battery of 100mAh and 22-bit Analogue-to-Digital Converter (ADC).


The earphone also has a USB port along its side for charging. The package contains a USB charger with micro USB connector. The magnetic charging port makes it easy to connect and disconnect the charger.



The sensors of the wireless bluetooth earphone include three-axis accelerometer, thermometer, capacitive sensor, optical sensor and an IR LED.

Movement Freedom:

The design of the device is focused to deliver movement freedom, comfort of wearing and quality sound.


The Dash is absolutely waterproof so allows you to play your favorite game including swimming, surfing, skiing or snowboarding  while wearing smart wireless bluetooth earphones-The Dash.



General controls include audio transparency, volume and third party devices pairing.

Using music controls you can get a track to play, pause, go forward or backward.


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