Chromecast with Google TV 

Features of  Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast, Google’s new streaming app (R22,200), eliminates users from the app’s view of what they received from the TV: yeah, TV shows and movies. In a central view the Google TV interface features content at the front of the applications, eliminating the need to locate the app to conceal the TV programmes. This is also the very first Chromecast to have a remote control that allows you to use the device without another intelligent device.




The latest Chromecast is an upgrade of the original $35 and every big improvement – except the higher price – is for the better. It adds a high end of streaming including 4K resolution, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It contains the long-overdue remote control. A big update with a single unified homepage that collects stuff to view from various apps is the renovated Android TV gui, known today as Google TV. It incorporates Google Assistant better than never before.

At $50, the New Chromecast will contend with the CNET’s favourite four-kilometer streamers Roku’s Streaming Stick Plus and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K. It’s not as easy or rock-solid as Roku, which we like more than ever, but it can definitely be better for speech, especially. If you are in the Google ecosystem, subscribe to Youtube TV or just want to explore TV programmes and movies for another reason, Chromecast is an excellent option with Google TV.

Family dungeon, colour option, new remote.

Chromecast with Google TV takes plenty of concept signs with a wider oval shape from new Chromecast versions. A USB-C cable and wall adaptor is included in your TV with a power supply from HDM I (more on that later).

While the Chromecast comes in three colours – white “snow’, pink ” sunrise” and blue “sky” – I would prefer either the white or pink versions as the blue I used. The rose and the white in particular have more Google Assistant keys. The dongle tucks behind your TV and does not matter its colour.

The remote is really good. Roughly the same thickness as the Roku Streaming Stick Plus remote, albeit a bit shorter in length, it felt comfortable in my hands and that thickness should make it less easy to lose than Apple’s superthin Apple TV remote. Google’s clicker features a four-way directional pad in a circular shape at the top with a select key in the middle. Below are two rows of buttons.

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