CamelBak All Clear – Portable UV Water Purifier Bottle


CamelBak All Clear, the UV water purifier bottle, converts simple tap/natural water into UV purified drinking water within a time of just one minute. CamelBak All Clear is a portable water bottle as well as a portable mini water purification system.

The Technology used in UV Water Purifier Bottle:

This portable water purification system is reliable. The UV technology, used in CamelBak All Clear, effectively neutralizes microbiological contaminants according to the EPA standards. The device is fitted with an LCD that confirms your results and this makes it the easiest way of water purification.

No Use of Chemicals:

The UV technology effectively neutralizes biological contaminants, as stated earlier, without making use of any chemicals. And this, chemical free, technology is being used by many urban hydro- municipalities for their reliable efficiency on the large scale purification of water.

Uncompromising Standards:

The reduction of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts upto 99.99%, not only makes it a strict follower of EPA standards but also un-compete able in its field.

All in Cap:

The powerful ultraviolet technology is integrated in the cap of CamelBak All Clear water purifier bottle. The optimum exposure of water to the UV rays with just a press of a button makes the CamelBak so reliable that the company is backing it with lifetime guarantee.

Testing Results for All Clear:

The CamelBak All Clear product is engineered to meet the toughest performing conditions. That’s why, the product has been tested under sever circumstances, to make it sure to deliver pure drinking water that you may trust. To qualify the title of Microbs water purifier, the product must meet the EPA Standard for reduction of bacteria, viruses and cysts and the All Clear has been challenged for qualifying tests with contaminated water.

How UV Water Purifier Bottle works?


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