“BLIPS Lenses”- Enable you to see deep inside the microscopic world

“BLIPS Lenses”- Enable you to see deep inside the microscopic world

BLIPS is a set of two specifically designed thin objective lenses placed on flexible films. These lenses enable you to see the thing microscopically as well as macroscopically. One side of the film easily sticks at the surface of your smart phone or tab camera. The lens sticks by pure electrostatics forces without using any glue material. BLIPS is compatible with all type if smartphones.

Portable Microscopy on your smartphone:

BLIPS converts your phone/tablet to a mini microscope. As you put the film on the camera, you are ready to see deep inside the micro-world.

BLIPS Macro Lens:

BLIPS macro lens is a very thin lens, of the order of 0.05 m. It can be helpful in works where precision matters the most or where you are to magnify the result for accuracy count. For example inserting the thread into needle, skin or nail check or checking for head lice in child hairs, observation of an insect and parasites.


BLIPS Micro Lens:

BLIPS Micro efficiently converts your smartphone into a real microscope. It can easily distinguish between cells and atoms having a recognizing ability of about 0.003 mm. BLIPS Micro is almost 1.2 mm and is feasible being compatible with nearly all smart phones and tabs.


You may easily discover the interesting facts, hidden from your naked eye. Keep the lens at a height of 6mm from the sample under observation and observe the micro details of the sample with high definition. The digital zoom feature enables you to magnify the objects up to 100 times of the original sample.

The Lab kit:

For the sake of convenience to use the BLIPS for microscopy, company provides you a kit. The kit includes prepared slides along with a light source. The light source helps you in observing thin objects in a best way. It also includes a smartphone stage for easy assembling of the hardware during use as microscope. You can observe the insects parts, parasites and human tissues on he slides.

Lab kit includes:

  1. Basic kit
  2. Sponges (2)
  3. Smart phone stage
  4. Light source
  5. Prepared slides (6)

Ultra Lab Kit:

Ultra lab kit includes;

  1. Basic kit & BLIPS ultra
  2. Sponges (2)
  3. Smart phone stage
  4. Light source
  5. Prepared slides (6)

Technical Specifications:

The BLIPS is composed of two enormously thin elements made of compound material. Each element consists of precisely designed lens supported on an elastic film. The lenses are made of plastic resin and can’t be easily deformed.

The detail technical specifications of the lenses are as follows;

  • Thickness: Micro lens =1.1 mm ; Macro Lens = 0.5 mm
  • Hardness: D= 80-90
  • Refractive Index: n>1.5 (very high)
  • Non adhesive surface
  • High resolution power

Specifications of the supporting film:

  • The film uses pure electrostatic forces to stick at the mobile surface. As there is no use of glue so on removal it plants no adhesive impact on the surface.
  • Flexibility: It takes the shape of your device
  • Informal maintenance: Can be washed with soapy water

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