Blink Mini Security Camera Just $15 Each!

If you don’t reside in a studio apartment, which is OK, you should have more than one home security camera installed. The issue is that purchasing numerous inside-home security camera may be prohibitively expensive. The Google Nest Cam, the best-rated interior spy camera, costs $100. You may have a better view of any potential intruders if you cover your home from several perspectives and locations. Fortunately, we have a solution, but only if you take action right away.

A two-pack of Blink Mini cameras was previously discounted by Amazon by 46 percent in April for a total savings of $30, but it has since been reduced even further. Although we’re nearly positive you can expect fantastic bargains on Blink’s cameras for Prime Day, the current discount of 54% off is as close to a Prime Day tech deal as we can get. In essence, the whole price is still less than the price of one Blink Mini on an average day. The Blink Mini recently received a great rating from us in our list of the best interior cameras, and at this low price, it now provides even more value.

Blink Mini Security Cameras

Why the Blink Mini Two-Pack Is a Great Deal

  • Formerly $29.99, now only $64.99
  • $35 in savings right away
  • Discount of 54% from the list price
  • For the price of one, get two
  • Members of Amazon Prime receive free shipping.

What We Love About the Blink Mini

Anyone who is interested in smart home security should start with the Blink Mini. With its high-resolution lens, you can see everything that is happening in your house, day or night, and the motion detection feature will ping you if something needs your attention. With two-way audio, you can have full discussions with your kids, pets, and delivery people even when they are on the other side of the camera.

If you’re not the most tech-savvy person, don’t worry. Simply plug the Blink Mini in, connect it to WiFi, and configure it in the Blink app for it to work. It’s a simple process with clear steps.

Blink Mini Security Cameras

Any video can be locally stored using a USB flash drive and the Sync Module 2, or you can opt to use the Blink Subscription Plan for convenience. For the first 30 days following purchase, all new purchases are free; thereafter, monthly fees are $3 for each additional device or $10 for an unlimited number.

You can connect the Blink Mini to your Amazon Alexa devices for simple voice control if you want to further simplify things. With just a few words, you can arm, disarm, and even view your gadgets (if they have a smart display).

The Blink network can be easily expanded. There are options for outdoor cameras as well, some of which have solar panels and floodlight attachments. Blink is already a reasonably priced firm, but with this discount, it becomes ridiculously so.

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