BioRobot Refrigerator will preserve your meals cool within the year 2050


The idea of the use of a field to cool meals is one that’s been in existence because of the mid-1700s and one that’s not going to alternate any time soon. One thing that can change through the year 2050, however, is the way that food is cooled.
Electrolux Design Lab holds a yearly competition to create home appliances, and each year there’s a particular topic. The theme for 2010 was “The 2d Space Age,” wherein students have been tasked to redesign household appliances for the 12 months 2050 to be able to not most effective take up much less space however also use less energy, both of in an effort to be at a premium within the future. All products should stick with “Scandinavian Design values,” which Electrolux says includes environmental sensitivity, intuitive use, and captivating to the eyes. Think IKEA.
Russian student Yuriy Dmitriev got here up with the BioRobot Refrigerator which uses a “biopolymer gel thru luminescence” to hold its food cold. This tool doesn’t appear to be a regular fridge with a door and separate compartments. The Bio Fridge might be made from a lime-green-colored odorless non-sticky gel that literally morphs around every item positioned into the fridge. It looks like something out of a 90s Nickelodeon industrial or something you’d assume to peer in a sci-fi flick. When you’re geared up to get your meals, you surely reach through the gel and grasp the product.

It’s just one massive piece of gel surrounded by way of a frame, so there are no drawers or doors. It can be hung vertically, horizontally, or even on the ceiling, which appears a touch strange, but if we’re absolutely going to be so hard up for space in forty years, it can be necessary. The Bio Fridge is four times smaller than a normal-sized refrigerator. It additionally doesn’t have any transferring parts, because of this you’ll not listen to that annoying hum of your vintage fridge when you’re trying to sleep at night.

Though that is nevertheless a concept, it is going to be interesting to look at how Bio Fridge shapes up inside the future. At least you’ll be capable of seeing everything in your refrigerator in simple view so that you won’t surprise what that nasty scent is for days and eventually go looking through your fridge and locate that old block of cheese rotting within the back.

The closing date for the 2011 competition turned into Sunday, May 1, so we need to be seeing a few new designs soon. The subject matter for the 2011 opposition changed into “Intelligent Mobility,” so allow your imaginations to run wild with that one.

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