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Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018

2: USB Mini Fan Colorful Lamp Portable Air Conditioner


Product description

• Rechargeable and energy efficient
• Low power consumption
• With LED mood light, 7 different colors
• ABS, PC material, durable and safe
• Purify the hot dry air to the cool moist air
• Light weight and convenient to carry.Read more..









2: F1S Multi-function Food Packaging Bag Sealing Machine


Product description

● Multi-function: sealing machine, bag opener, mobile phone holder, refrigerator magnet
One-button control, easy to operate
● ABS, silicone and electronic component materials, safe to use
● Powered by 2pcs AA batteries ( not included )
● Compact size, easy to take.Read more..








3: Smart Mirror Personal Assistant


Product description

How about turning your mirror into one of the smart home products as well? This smart mirror is equipped with advanced facial gesture recognition technology and turns on by simply ‘seeing’ you stand in front of it. It can notify you about weather, traffic, emails and planned events in your calendar. Additionally, it can recognize different users and tailor the displayed information to their needs. It can even activate selfie mode if you wink at it. Read more..







4: Smart Water Leakage Detector


Product description

Leakage can take you by surprise when it’s already too late. This is one of those smart home products that can save you a lot of trouble in the future. It is capable of detecting leaks, freezing, or even dangerous levels of humidity. It can then send alerts to your or your family’s phones so you can prevent the disaster before it even happens. This is a truly useful device that lots of us could use. Read more..








5: Smart Espresso Machine


Product description

There are some people who can’t live without their coffee. So getting a couple of coffee-related smart gadgets sounds like a good choice, starting with this one. This smart espresso machine can remotely make coffee for you, remind you when to add more water or descale it. You can even schedule brewing time and keep track of the remaining coffee capsules. Read more..

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