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You will feel that pain if you have workout properly. The soreness in your bones from your shoulders to your thighs is relieved with this percussion therapy fitness gadgets. It can help you relax before you go to bed, as well as relieve your pain. Choose the PRO model for the extra attachments and swappable batteries. Which will let you to keep shooting for even longer.


Fitness20gadgets 0002 Larq

The Larq water bottle is a terrific investment because it is a fitness gadget that is just as useful in everyday life as it is in the gym. This water bottle will be a game-changer if you’re one of those people who forgets to rinse and wash their bottle on a regular basis (we know you’re out there). The bottle actively self-cleans and filters water using UV-C LED light, eradicating 99.9% of E coli as well as germs, viruses, and pollutants. The lightest stainless steel makes it a practical alternative to bring with you wherever you go.


Fitness20gadgets 0000 Hydrow

While the Hydrow isn’t really a fitness device, we couldn’t leave it out. The Hydrow is the Peloton of rowing machines. Whereas the Peloton is the Peloton of exercise bikes. You’ll be able to spice up your rowing exercises by using the 22-inch HD screen to row digitally on rivers all over the world, providing an immersive fitness experience. In addition to rowing, the machine offers more than 2,000 live and on-demand workouts with instructor-led courses that include everything from yoga to Pilates.


20200401 gadgets 02

Tired of repetitive HIIT circuits and shuttle runs? With a good old-fashioned skipping workout. You can nail your double-under. The smart Tangram skipping rope is far from a classic playground toy, with 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors that track your workouts, analyse your calorie burn, and log your data in real time.


20190830 10 Kettleball 02

Getting in a strength session at home seems like a fantastic idea until you realise you’ll need actual weights, which means you’ll have to carry them inside your house as well. The Jaxjox KettlebellConnect is the most efficient method to have a whole set of kettlebells in your home: A single kettlebell that increases or loses weight magnetically dependent on what you input to the Bluetooth console.


Fitness gadgets LUMEN

Lumen is the world’s first hand-held device that can correctly assess your metabolism. It looks like a futuristic vape pen. Simply inhale through it, hold your breath for ten seconds, and exhale normally, and it will calculate the CO2 content in your breath. Higher levels suggest that your body is utilising carbohydrates for energy, whereas lower levels indicate that fat is being burned. It keeps track of your body’s fuel while delivering nutrition suggestions that are tailored to your individual CO2 range and lung capacity. A smart companion for folks on low-carb diets like keto, athletes, and anyone else looking to speed up their weight reduction.


Fitness20gadgets 0001 Promixx

You would think that combining a phone charger and a protein shaker is an odd combination. But if you’ve ever been frustrated when your phone dies in the middle of a workout, you’ll understand. The Promixx Mixer contains a built-in device-charging battery that can power up your phone or tablet, making it a practical solution for charging your electronics while at the gym. It also makes excellent protein shakes, thanks to the built-in motor and X-Blade technology, which produces smooth, lump-free shakes.



Jaybird’s sports-oriented wireless buds offer a clean and robust wireless connection, which when combined with an EQ software should result in a hassle-free, personalised listening experience. They’re completely waterproof and sweatproof, and the charging case gives them a total of 32 hours of use, or six hours per charge.



The first Peleton transformed the home exercise cycle, and its replacement comes with a slew of new features to entice living room bikers. A revolutionary “Auto-Follow” resistance system is based on target metrics and adjusts automatically to what your instructor is advising you to do, while a spinning HD screen makes switching between cycling and floor-based workouts easier. Oh, and it now works with the Apple Watch, so you can keep all of your hard-won stats in one spot.



This limited edition of the normal Beoplay E8 wireless headphones boasts a design partnership with Rapha, and it brings more to the table than just sharp aesthetics. They’re designed for cycling (but they’ll work for any exercise), and they’ll keep you comfy and secure no matter how sweaty things get, while still giving punchy, clear, and accurate playback. It’s sure to last longer than your bike session, too, with touch controls and a playback time of 30 hours including the charging case.


20200130 Tech 01

Connected scales have been available for a while, but Withings takes things a step further by completing a full-body composition study and allowing up to eight distinct users to be tracked. The scales will even display the weather to adequately prepare you for the day ahead. There is an easy-to-use app to analyse your metrics, and the scales will even display the weather to properly prepare you for the day ahead.



Both new and experienced runners will benefit from NURVV’s smart insoles. Put them in your trainers and the built-in GPS and pressure sensors will track your journey as well as provide information on your cadence, step length, foot strike, pronation, and balance, allowing you to run faster and farther while reducing the risk of injury.


20200401 gadgets 04

This battery-powered performance tool delivers noninvasive, targeted muscle healing via an easy-to-use app, giving electrical stimulation to afflicted muscle groups to aid recovery from injuries or particularly taxing workouts.


20200401 gadgets 03

The Charge 4 is Fitbit’s most advanced tracker yet, slick, swim-proof, and incredibly smart. The Fitbit Charge 4 is a must-have for trail runners, cyclists, and swimmers wanting to track their mileage without all the bulky gear. It comes with built-in Spotify, GPS, and Fitbit Pay. Furthermore, the new Active Zone system will automatically recognise and reward customers who stay in their peak performance zones with double credit. Us? Slaves in the hands of the machine? Never.


20200401 gadgets 01

That ache you get after working out? It’s simply the outcome of twisted muscles and fascia (or connective tissue). Rolling out fatigued muscles encourages myofascial release, which helps to prevent uncomfortable post-workout knots. The Pulseroll Plus is the best vibrating foam roller we’ve tried, and it’s used by GB Boxing and British Weightlifting. It’s a must-have in any athlete’s arsenal because it’s light and rechargeable.


20200207 headphones

When using in-ear earbuds while exercising, especially when doing any type of high-intensity cardio, the main issue is security—or the lack thereof. Sennheiser’s CX Sport, on the other hand, boasts a lightweight, sweat- and splash-resistant design, as well as ergonomic fins, for a fast and secure slip-free fit that runners and rowers can only dream of. Even more, they have the sound quality (clear, detailed, satisfying bass response) and ease of use (a simple three-button remote allows you manage music and calls with ease) to match, making them reliable performers no matter what the workout.


20200130 Tech 06

The sturdy yet attractive Fenix 6 from Garmin captures practically everything from cycling to paddle surfing. Along with a slew of other stats for good measure. It will have your back in every fitness setting you throw at it, including music streaming support and colour maps for exploring routes.


20200205 Fitness update

Runners, rejoice: There is finally—finally!—a way to exercise without putting your phone through a workout. Meet the Freetrain V1, a streamlined, breathable running vest that, owing to its front pocket, not only nails the essentials-carrying weight distribution (balancing is vital to preventing injuries), but also allows you to check your progress, change a tune, or make a phone without breaking stride. Take it from us: The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t meet sooner.


MZ 320belt20short201

This chest-mounted heart-rate monitor provides more accurate data than a wrist-mounted device while also motivating you with an easy-to-understand effort-point system. It’s compatible with various devices like fitness trackers and watches, as well as suitable workout equipment like exercise bikes. It can save up to 16 hours of workout data and is waterproof to ten metres.


20200130 Tech 10

This Activ5 provides isometric workout based on the amount of pressure you apply to the pocket-friendly device that fits in your hand to help you improve strength. It may be used for a variety of muscle groups and is also Apple Watch compatible. So it can help you close those daily rings. It’s a significant improvement over squeezing a stress ball at your desk.


20200130 Tech 07. workout

These swimming goggles put your real-time stats in your eye line via a smart display that only you can see if you prefer to spend more time in the water than on the treadmill. It’s as precise as a sports watch, and it’s made of the same anti-fog materials as diving masks, so it’ll last a long time in the water.


20200130 Tech 04. workout

When you don’t have enough floor room to devote to dumbbells. Bowflex’s solution is to combine them all into one set. With a simple turn of a dial, this pair of free weights can go from light to heavy weights. They pair well with a smartphone app to help you get the most out of this flexible exercise accessory.


20200130 Tech 09. workout

Some of the world’s best athletes swear by his all-in-one fitness tracker and subscription. It’s intended to help you think about the significance of recovery and obtaining a good night’s sleep as well as provide detailed training metrics. It will tell you if you have enough energy remaining to train properly, and it actually looks more stylish than a Fitbit.

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