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Bend, Fold and Manipulate This Piece of BioPlastic

FORMcard is a handy, mini card of strong, meltable bioplastic that you can use to make, fix and modify the things around you. Just drop it in a cup of hot water and it’s ready to use. Keep one in your toolbox, wallet or kitchen drawer so that it’s always around when you need to use it.

Formcard bioplastic


Formcard in Action

A great benefit is that when they’re very hot, they stick to some other plastics, so you can actually use it to instantly fix say…. a favorite plastic shovel when you are on holiday, a tripod knob when it breaks on a photo shoot or a drawer on your fridge cracks apart.

Formcard bioplastic

FORMcards are instant. They are strong like nylon so they can be used for long lasting solutions.

FORMcard fits in your wallet and it fits in a cup, so you can take it and use it anywhere you can find hot water. It’s quick, clean, simple, instant and fun to use.

Formcard bioplastic

Product Features

  • FORMcard is a handy, pocket sized card of strong, meltable bioplastic that you can use to make, fix and modify the world around you
  • It’s Reusable
  • It Stick to other plastics when they are very hot
  • Its Made from a starch based bioplastic that is totally non-toxic
  • It Fits in your wallet and it fits in a cup

Normally, these types of thermoplastics are supplied in granulated form, which makes them awkward to use; the granules have to be squashed together, which is messy, wasteful and sometimes even painful. This has restricted their use to people who are familiar with making things, but I believe that this material has a place in everyone’s kitchen drawer, tool box and back pack, like Blu-tack or Selotape, so I developed it into a flat card form, that would always be around and always be ready to use.

FormCard Demo Video:

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Price: US $7.64

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