ASAP Dash – World’s Fastest Portable Phone Charger

Probably you would have used portable mobile charger while on a travel and obviously you know how convenient it is. But you would have also observed that these portable batteries take hours to fully recharge themselves. There is a new model of the portable recharging battery or phone charger which recharge just in few minutes. The device is named as ASAP Dash. ASAP Dash is a pocket sized charger that can store sufficient power to charge almost every smartphone in just five minutes.



Quality Features:

Fastest Charger:

ASAP Dash is the world’s fastest portable charger that assures the battery recharging from nil to full with a 16 times faster speed than any standard charger.

Enlarged Capacity:

It is embedded with a 5000 mAh internal battery which is sufficient to recharge a smartphone 3 times.315923ab00000578-3453261-the_superfast_charger_was_invented_by_vinson_leow_and_seven_coll-a-2_1455871590148

Ease of Use:

The product is very slim and smart, looks cool and classic. You will feel easy to take it with you on your journey/flight.



Dash is a durable device and it can withstand with slight harshness. The Dash has gained drop test rating with anodized aluminum.

Car Adapter and USB port:

Some other lovely features make it appealing for travelers. It comes with car adapter to power up your smartphone while you are on the go, along with 3 amp USB charging port. The port has a distinguishing characteristic to sense that how fast a mobile or tab is accepting charge and accordingly it modify its charging speed.



Apart from the usual features which other ordinary battery packs also have, the Dash has one distinguishing feature. It can be recharged fully in just fifteen minutes. That is considerably faster than many of this type of devices.

Long Life:

The ASAP Dash is a long lasting device that has a lifetime of 3 years even when used for 12/7 as compared with 1 year lifetime of the ordinary such devices. Usually standard batteries have a life time of 100 to 300 cycles or top range of 500 cycles. One cycle means that the battery has gone from flat to full charge. While the Dash battery has a life of 1200 cycles, according to the manufactures.


It should be noted that the portable charger just stores power instantly and do not charge the phone more rapidly than the other this type of standard devices. It can store its own power in 5 minutes enough to charge a smartphone and 15 minutes for full power storing but takes same time to charge your smartphone to the full.



Invention and Price:

The device was invented by Vinson Leow along-with his seven companions after a work of 14 months in Sydney. The inventors have launched the product campaign on IndiegoGo and now shipping the device for a crowdfunding price of $59-$89 with 25% discount on retail price $119.


Demo video:

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