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1.The Krimston TWO case enables Dual SIM for the iPhone

While smartphones pack tons of features, there’s often one or two crucial ones that don’t make the cut. If you’re a business user, chances are that you care about having more than one SIM slot in your phone. Most of us can’t use our U.S. carrier/SIM in another country without getting charged exorbitant roaming fees. Some of the  do come with multiple SIM slots, but it’s too far and few between.

There hasn’t yet really been a solution to this. Users have to replace their U.S. SIM card for a foreign one when they get to the destination, or pick up another device. Fortunately, there’s one a company out there that is trying to help. It has built a case, called the Krimston TWO, that appends another SIM slot to your phone. It also serves as an  Pretty neat!

Right now, the first product of the Krimston TWO will be available for the iPhone 6 or 6S (but Android support is on the scope!). The case works by connecting to the iPhone’s lightning port. A modem and battery is built in. That means that you merely leave your stock SIM card in the iPhone’s SIM slot and then stick your secondary SIM into the case’s SIM slot. You’ll then have two separate lines and phone numbers on the one iPhone.

Because the iPhone isn’t designed to have two SIM slots, Krimston has produced an app to manage it and make the experience seamless. The app also serves as the dialer and makes your Contacts list available to use for either SIM. What’s more, Krimston was thoughtful and allowed the case’s modem to serve as a mobile hotspot. So if you need to use the data from the foreign SIM on your  or laptop, you’re good to go.

Krimston has rigously worked to make the TWO a reality. The motherboard itself took a year of development. The case itself is fairly standard, but there are a couple of great features. There is a five-dot indicator that lets the user know the signal strength (similar to the signal bars that we’re all used to in our phone interfaces). A modest 1,700 mAh external battery is also built into the case to help us get through the day, if needed. The battery is active when the user chooses to enable it.

Because the TWO is a new project, Krimston is utilizing KickStarter (popular crowdfunding site) to get it off the ground. The first delivery of the TWO is aimed for August 2016, to “earlybird” supporters who are the first to purchase on the That said, the TWO is ready to go. The case design is final and already has FCC approval. It is expected to retail for $199, but early adopters can currently save $40 via Kickstarter. Read more..

2.Apple Smartwatch Replacement Band for Watch – Pebble

Price: $49.00 

Apple Smart Watch Features:

  • The smooth, dense material drapes elegantly across your wrist and feels comfortable next to your skin.
  • An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit.
  • S/M fits 130-180mm wrists.< M/L fits 150-200mm wrists.Read more..

3.3Dazer Smart Laser Measurer


Easily measure anything you want to just by using your with the 3Dazer Smart Laser Measure. 3Dazer is a smart laser measuring device that stores and organizes data on your iPhone. 3Dazer Smart Laser Measure By keeping your data on your iPhone, you can access it whenever you need it, from any location. Additionally, the sharing feature is ideal for effective collaboration with other team members. 3Dazer quickly switches between the remote mode and attached mode so you can measure practically anything. In addition, its iPhone compatibility allows the 3Dazer to use the embedded sensors to make it that much more powerful. With all of your measurements saved on your iPhone, you can also mark them using the label function. The 3Dazer is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with you throughout the day.Read more..

4.Suaoki 7W Solar Charger Portable Foldable with High Efficiency SunPower Solar Panels for iPhone

Suaoki 7W Solar Charger Features

  • HIGH ENERGY CONVERSION: SunPower highly efficient solar cells convert up to 22%; works even under low light level as 40000 Lux
  • USB OUTPUT: 5V/1A output, up to 6W under direct sunlight; smart IC automatically detects and adapts to your USB powered devices, compatible with iOS and Android
  • TIR-C TECHNOLOGY: smart IC resets the charger automatically to keep the device charged with the maximum output; eliminating the hassle of repetitive plug and unplug
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: comes with a compact case for your smartphone; can be folded like a wallet for easy transport, great for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities
  • KEEP YOUR DEVICE SECURE: buckle straps to keep your phone or power bank in the case, avoid accidental dropping or other damages.Read more..

5. iLDOCK iPhone 7 Headphone Adapter And Charger

iPhone 7 owners that wish they still had a 3.5 mm headphone socket, may be interested in a new iPhone 7 headphone adapter which has been created called the iLDOCK, that allows you to listen to music while you charge your Apple smartphone.

The pocket -sized adapter is also available in a Plus version which allows you to read SD cards, TF and USB drives. Watch the video below to learn more about how this handy little adapter can help you use your old headphones while you simultaneously charge your iPhone 7.

By now, everyone has seen many jokes and videos made about the lack of phone jack on iPhone 7. You could put a 3.5 mm to a lightning adapter, but that would mean you cannot charge the phone at the same time. We have a solution for you. ILDOCK contains a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a lightning charging port, enabling you to listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time.

Besides a headphone jack and lightning port, ILDOCK Plus provides ports for a SD/ TF card and USB. You can read pictures from up to 128GB flash card with ILDOCK Plus or connect to your USB drives. No software to install. Simply plug and play. Now, you can listen to music via your favorite phone, charge your phone, and read pictures from storage to your iPhone, all at the same time.

Not only is ILDOCK the first to offer you 3.5 mm + lightning port, but it is also the best looking iPhone dock. We use aircraft grade aluminum and precision CNC to create ILDOCK’s beautiful look that will match your iPhone. There are four colors to pick from.Read more..

6.Cabin Magnetic iPhone Battery Case Launches

Hevo Labs based in China has this week launched a new Kickstarter campaign looking to raise funds for their new and very unique magnetic iPhone battery case, called the Cabin.

The Cabin uses magnets to attach to your Apple iPhone making it easier to remove and charge when required and is constructed from aluminium to provide users with a stylish slimline battery pack.

Hevo Labs based in China has this week launched a new Kickstarter campaign looking to raise funds for their new and very unique magnetic iPhone battery case, called the Cabin.

The Cabin uses magnets to attach to your Apple iPhone making it easier to remove and charge when required and is constructed from aluminium to provide users with a stylish slimline battery pack.The Cabin has been specifically designed to provide a portable iPhone battery solution that doesn’t compromise the iPhone’s styling, size and design. Watch the video below to learn more about this very unique magnetic iPhone battery case. Its creators explain :

“The key to Cabin’s ease-of-use is the magnetic connection between iPhone and Cabin. By designing a special MicroAdaptor for the iPhone’s Lightning port which magnetically attaches iPhone to Cabin, we have made the connection and charging process, if it may be said, incredibly delightful. Cabin is solid, precise, and easily attachable/removable.

No more tangled wires or awkward external batteries; Recharge your iPhone simply by resting the iPhone in Cabin, or recharge both separately or simultaneously using our Cabin Dock.”

So if you think Cabin the magnetic iPhone battery case is something your smartphone and daily life could benefit from, visit the  website now to make a pledge starting at $59 and help Cabin battery pack become a reality.Read more..

7.MagBak for iPhone

MagBak is a minimalist protective case and mounting solution for your iPhone. It’s thin, simple, and amazingly functional. MagBak Case has embedded industrial strength rare earth magnets that enable mounting natively to any metal surface like a fridge or a whiteboard. MagStick is a small low profile aluminum crafted piece that enables you to mount your phone to any surface. It offers great mounting flexibility, portrait or landscape, while keeping a slim minimalist design.Read more..

8.iPin Laser Pointer for iPhone

The same laser pointer that you chased your cat with as a kid comes in handy these days as a professional presentation tool. Rather than deal with batteries dying, and keeping track of yet another gadget, iPin conveniently beams a powerful red laser right out of your iPhone. This expertly-engineered device fits directly into your headphone jack, and the award-winning app gives you complete control over your audience right from your phone screen. “Designed strictly for safe work purposes like highlighting information during a presentation, the iPin sips power from your iPhone but shouldn’t drain its battery.” Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo

iPin Laser Pointer Features

  • Enjoy the power of a laser pointer without carrying a bulky gadget around
  • Never deal w/ replacing batteries
  • Get wireless presentation control straight from your phone
  • Turn on & off w/ the built-in switch, so there’s no need to unplug to make a call
  • Seamlessly fit it right inside your headphone mini jack
  • Designed for iPhone cases less than 2mm thick.Read more..

9.Galileo Bluetooth Robotic Platform

Meet Galileo—the iPhone dock you can control from anywhere in the world.

  • Automatically capture high quality spherical panoramas quickly and easily
  • Create dynamic time lapse sequences with pan/tilt control
  • Use as a baby monitor, for home surveillance, or keep to stay in touch with family
  • Control Galileo from anywhere in the world using your iOS device
  • Swipe on your device to control what you see—without the help of your chat partner
  • Full-range, 360°pan and 360˚tilt —all from your remote location
  • Mountable with 1/4’ tripod screw and rechargeable with integrated battery
  • Uses Bluetooth® wireless technology

Capture and share the world around you 
Spherical photography used to be just for pros. With Galileo and Sphere (free app), you’re one tap away from beautiful, multi-exposure spherical panoramas. No need to hold your phone—it rests steady in Galileo’s base and rotates automagically.

Stunning photo and video apps
Motrr’s community of app developers have integrated with Galileo to bring a new dimension of motion control to their apps. The possibilities continue to grow with more apps on the way! Everything from spherical panoramas and time-lapse photography to remote monitoring and videography get way more interesting with Galileo! Available for download in the App Store.


10.µPeek: Smart, Credit Card Sized Microscope

Meet µPeek: a smart microscope that fits in your pocket and lets you view small objects and organisms on your smartphone. It has a motorized 4-elmeent lens to provide you with clear images. It is water resistant and weighs only 55g. The battery life lasts up to 4 hours. This microscope connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth.Read more..

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