Apple AirTags

Apple is working on a Bluetooth tile tracking system designed to be linked, in order to locate them right in the Find My app, to things such as keys and wallets for tracking purposes.

Apple seems planning to name its tracking accessory “AirTag.” based on the assets contained in iOS 13.2 and trademark info dug by MacRumors.

AirTags are still ongoing and no release date is yet, but there are signs of them in iOS 13 betas so we know somewhat what we can expect once they are available. This guide covers everything we currently know about AirTags.

Apple Airtags


Fanboys of Apple may use Apple Airtags to connect keys, wallets and bags. The GPS, Bluetooth and Apple OS integration is available on the tracking tag, which is similar to the My Phone app Find for iPhones. You can use AirTags to track any item and possibly use Tile Tracker, which is currently the best choice for tracking. The system uses Ultra-Wideband radio to control the tag accurately and can be loaded wirelessly as with the Apple Watch.


AirTags are small Bluetooth networking tracking tiles that you can use to locate missing objects. Several similar products, including Tile and Adero, are available on the market, but Apple’s version would be more integrated with Apple devices.

AirTags will be equipped with embedded chips to connect to an iPhone, transmitting the location of the appliances to which it is connected. You will be able, like you, to locate missing Apple devices using your ÚriPhone, iPad, and Mac to monitor the location of AirTags.

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