Anden Apple Watch Valet

ANDEN Apple Watch Valet

As we’ve reached a brand-new decade, 2020 already brought us many new stylish devices, but that doesn’t mean that your belongings need to seem like futuristic alien-tech. Instead, they ought to appear as natural as the rest of your home’s decor, allowing the entirety to effortlessly combination in into one unmarried non-public space; a place that you’re proud to call home. That’s precisely what you get with the ANDEN Apple Watch Valet, a brand-new Apple Watch Wooden Charging Stand that effortlessly fits/integrates any series of Apple Watch charger.

Wooden Charger

The Apple Watch is honestly one of the great wearable gadgets ever designed. This tech-enabled smartwatch allows you to stay related to the whole world, as you may use it to quickly area smartphone calls, ship messages, agenda reminders, consult GPS-enabled maps, circulation your favorite music, and an awful lot, a lot more.

Apple Watch

However, every time you operate its covered charging cable to recharge your Apple Watch’s built-in battery back to full power, you’re reminded about what your Apple Watch really is – a simple piece of wearable clever tech. That empowers you in this technology-pushed world.

If you’re the sort of character that likes the simplicity in things, then the ANDEN Valet is best for both you and your Apple Watch. This Apple Watch Wooden Charging Stand looks as simple as you could imagine. It’s a simple, yet suitable Apple Watch stands that’s carved with detail, love, and care from some of the high-quality styles of timber inside the world.

Let’s take a look at this Apple Watch Charging Stand and test everything it has to offer.

Watch front


The ANDEN Valet Apple Watch Wooden Charging Stand is crafted from the finest wooden materials you can think of. Each unit gets its featured beautiful wooden finish by using eco-friendly oils.

Each unit measures 6.88 inches long by 0.59 inches wide by 1.18 inches tall (175 x 15 x 30 mm) and there are currently two (x2) different models available. You can either get your ANDEN Valet crafted from solid Walnut Wood or Cherry Wood.

ANDEN Apple Watch Valet Valet color

Each piece begins via getting ordered in London, as the organization cautiously selects each unit’s starting wooden sample from sustainably sourced solid walnut timber and cherry wood. After that, every unit is professionally handcrafted with a detailed completed whilst using the best herbal oils available.

The ANDEN Valet Apple Watch Wooden Charging Stand functions a deceptively simple design. That’s what makes it pride to apply it.

It also capabilities a precision-cut opening that’s designed to flawlessly in shape your Apple Watch’s charging cable. In addition to an onboard storage space for up to four Apple Watch straps.

This Apple Watch charging stand’s impeccably smooth finish brings out the herbal pleasant of each material. At the same time as it’s 4 flawlessly milled grooves have just enough depth to hold and show your Apple Watch’s elegant strap collection.


Full Compatibility

The ANDEN Valet Apple Watch Charging Stand fits any Apple Watch’s charger series. Meaning it works with all Apple Watch Series.


The ANDEN Valet is an Apple Watch Wooden Charging Stand that fits any series of Apple Watch charger. Which featuring a gorgeous, impeccable, smooth wood finish. That is carved with detail, love, and care from some of the best types of wood in the world.

ANDEN Apple Watch Valet table

If you’re interested in getting it, each unit is currently priced at $117. No matter what model you choose to go with. You can order yours online, directly from ANDEN’s official shopping page, from here.

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