Adorable robot investigates your home and finds people it likes for cuddles

Lovot is one of the standouts from CES, even before the show starts properly tomorrow. This absolutely adorable little robot brightened my evening after a long flight from the UK to Vegas, where the Consumer Electronics Show is held.

As people crowded around the adorable robotic creature, that look like a mix between a sloth and an owl, I started recording a video. Lovot took an immediate shine to me and wheeled over to say hello.

Kneeling down I couldn’t help by fall in love with this beautiful little robot, I tickled it under the chin and it lifted its wings in appreciation. I think it wanted a cuddle, but I was too busy videoing its adorable antics.

Lovot has a really interesting ethos. Its birthday is the day you first switch it on at home and it doesn’t have a gender – that’s up to its owner to decide. It makes sense, why do robots need a human gender at all?

Adorable robot investigates
Cuddles are welcome

You can get clothes and accessories. A beautiful little kimono was on display on the stand that made me love this robot even more. You can customise the eye colour too, but the eyes are expressive and part of the charm of Lovot.

When you set Lovot up in your home it explores and learns about your environment. It creates a map, and like a real pet it picks a favourite location in your home.

Likewise, it makes friends with people in your family who give it the most attention picking a favourite that it gets excited to see when they return home.

It’s covered in touch sensors that allow it to detect when people are playing with it and it’s adorable little button nose is, literally, a button. It reacts to presses but can also detect left, right, up and down motion too.

Adorable robot investigates(1)
It’s so cute it hurts

And the lifespan of Lovot has also been planned out. I has birthdays and if you keep it 10 years it becomes a vintage robot and its owners become “premium users”.

You don’t even need to put it on a charger, it returns back to its base for 15 minutes per hour to top itself up.

And it’s social with other Lovots too. If you have more than one then it will play and communicate with them.

The only thing I’d probably change about this little cutie is the large camera on the top. It feels a bit of a bolt-on, but I can also see the advantages of it.

Everyone at the show who saw Lovot fell in love (given the name, I’m not surprised). The question is, will they be prepared to stump up the $5000 asking price (they are only sold in packs of two, apparently). Perhaps not, but perhaps those prices will fall over time…


Source: Adorable robot investigates your home and finds people it likes for cuddles

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