A Keyboard for Video Editing: 7 Things You Need to Consider

As a video editor, you need to have certain tools to be efficient at your work. Of course, a computer and video editing software are the first two things that come to mind.

With the former, though, it is also worth noting that there is more to the computer itself. Accessories can make or break your work.

A keyboard is an excellent example of a computer accessory that is a must to have not just as a video editor but also as someone who uses a computer in general.

As a video editor, though, you want to have a keyboard for video editing that is optimal. And if you are looking to get a new keyboard, this article should help answer some of the key questions.

Are You on a Laptop or a Desktop Computer

Let’s start with a comparison between laptops and desktop computers. Whether you are converting MP4 to MOV or adding new elements to the video, it is about the software and material you have.

In other words, the type of the computer does not matter so long as the operating system is compatible with the video editing software.

But what about keyboards? If you own a laptop, you have a device that comes with an integrated keyboard. Does it make sense to stick to it, or would you rather buy a third-party peripheral?

For some, integrated laptop keyboards are not comfortable to use because the keys are too flat or small. 

Video editors who own a laptop might want to reconsider their current setup and get an external keyboard. At the same time, if you travel a lot, an extra keyboard to take with you would add more to the travel luggage, which can be annoying.

How Much Money Can You Spend?

Just like it is with other things, money plays a big part in deciding what you should and should not buy.

Naturally, there are all kinds of keyboards, ranging from cheap brand knockoffs to expensive keyboards.

Sure, there are plenty of mid-range options, which is great for an average consumer, but you will want to consider what you can realistically afford.

Overspending might not be necessary, but as a video editor, you use the computer’s keyboard a lot, which means that a cheap option is also not really the right approach.

Do your thorough research and make sure that you pick the right option budget-wise.

Is the Keyboard Compatible With Your Device?

Compatibility should not be an issue since most computer accessory manufacturers create keyboards that are compatible with virtually every computer model. 

Perhaps one exception could be MacBook users. If you have a MacBook, then you will need to be extra careful, considering how stingy Apple is with its devices and third-party peripheral compatibility. 

Do You Care About the Design?

Keyboard design is an interesting aspect to consider. Since you are working as a video editor, the majority of your time is spent looking at a computer’s screen rather than the keyboard.

Enough experience means typing without looking at each individual key. So is something like keyboard design worth considering in the first place? 

A gimmick should hardly be a priority because you want to focus on being efficient at your work. Even if a keyboard does not look that great visually, you need to pay attention to how the keys feel on your fingers.

Which Is Better Between Wired and Wireless?

Wired keyboards and wireless keyboards have their pros and cons.

For one, a wired keyboard does not require batteries, which is a bother when you need to replace them.

Meanwhile, wireless keyboards are more flexible. You do not have to limit the keyboard to a static position.

Having said that, video editors use a computer mouse as much as they use the keyboard, so flexibility is not necessarily an advantage that makes any difference.

Between wired and wireless keyboards, the choice comes down to personal preference.

What About Extra Function Keys?

Regular computer keyboards will come with the necessary keys, but you can also look to explore keyboards that come with extra function keys.

For the most part, however, you will likely need to stick to the usual keys while working as a video editor. 

Unless there is a specific video editing tool that requires unusual keys on your keyboard, you should be good to go with a traditional keyboard. 

Are Gaming Keyboards Worth Considering?

Gaming keyboards tend to be more expensive than regular keyboards, but they are also more durable. 

If you enjoy gaming as a hobby, then check the selection of available gaming keyboards and combine your hobby with work. The gaming will feel smoother, and since most gaming keyboards are comfortable to use, they should be perfectly fine for video editing work as well.

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