8 Best Smartwatches That Do Much More Than Tell Time

A smartwatch is a wearable piece of technology fashioned to resemble traditional wristwatches. However, smartwatches do a lot more than tell you what time it is. One of the primary functions of smartwatches is to display alerts and notifications from its connected devices. Notifications differ according to the type of smartwatch – some watches mirror what a connected device receives while others display notifications particular to the smart device. Today we will discuss the 8 best smartwatches that do much more than tell time.

Apple Watch series 7

Apple has surpassed even traditional watchmakers to become the world’s most popular wearable timepieces – at least by volume. The Series 7 is Apple’s latest wristwatch, demonstrating that the company is serious about the smartwatch market. It’s a thing of beauty: a bright, clear, comfy watch that offers just much everything a smartwatch should, including ECG and blood oxygen monitors, as well as the (more expensive) option of a data subscription, allowing you to leave your phone at home.

When compared to Series 6, there are significant advancements. The difference is most noticeable on the screen, where the borders have been removed, resulting in a 20% increase in screen size over Series 6 and a 50% increase over Series 3. The extra space is well-utilized, allowing you to see more information at a glance and enter messages on a small keyboard. The screen is also one of the clearest on the market, maintaining brightness without the bleed that some other products experience when brightness is increased.

If you have the Series 6, it could be worth it to hang on to it a bit longer because the differences are minor. However, there is a distinct trend in development, implying that Series 7 isn’t simply a case of sticking a new label on the top of a box (besides the characteristically poor battery). The series 7 is the finest all-around smartwatch you can buy. Consistency is crucial, and refinement is the name of the game here: the series 7 is the greatest all-around smartwatch you can buy. However, it’s important to note that it’s only compatible with iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

8 best smartwatches

The Galaxy Watch 4 builds on Samsung’s illustrious wearable heritage, becoming the company’s latest device to take the lead. The Watch 4’s entire package is the greatest Android option available: the Watch 4’s feature set makes it the smartest Android watch we’ve evaluated yet. It’s also unbelievably sleek, with a distinct profile and design ethos, and Samsung has added the option of a dedicated 4G data plan, just like the Series 7.

The AMOLED screen is fantastic, the fit is excellent, and the connectivity is flawless. The rotating bezel has been removed, which is a bummer because it was one of the Watch 3’s features, and the lack of iPhone support is a setback, but this is still the best Android wristwatch you can purchase.

Fitbit sense

best smartwatches

It wouldn’t be a wearables roundup without a mention of Fitbit. The tracker superbrand offers a wide range of products, from the traditional charge series to the fashion-forward (and high-tech) luxe, but when it comes to smartwatches, the Fitbit sense reigns supreme: it’s one of the most adaptable smartwatches on the market.

With the sense, health still comes first: it provides one of the most diverse skill sets in the business, allowing you to maintain as much control as possible. Many of the tools require a Fitbit premium membership, but each sense comes with a six-month trial period, allowing you to try it out before you buy. The sense is also an excellent smartphone companion, providing all of the normal notifications and controls, as well as an outstanding selection of watch faces and a very comfortable strap. It’s a classic smartwatch from a company that continues to be at the forefront of the industry.

Huawei Watch 3

best smartwatches

With the straightforwardly called Watch 3, Huawei has improved on its impressive Watch 2. It’s the first smartwatch to run Huawei’s HarmonyOS, and it makes the most of it, offering a clean interface and fast performance. The AMOLED display is bright and clear, and the fitness options are extensive. It isn’t quite up to level with the greatest wearables currently due to a lack of apps, but these will undoubtedly be included in future upgrades, and the potential is enormous. For Android users, this is a strong contender.

Garmin venu 2

8 best smartwatches

While Garmin has a stranglehold on the tough wearables industry, it also has some terrific “prettier” watches for when you’re not out on your ultramarathon training runs. The Venu 2, an all-powerful sports watch that also functions as a great smartwatch, is the brand’s greatest smartwatch right now. Garmin’s class-leading GPS, as well as the brand’s legendary near-indestructibility, are on display. The screen is great, and it manages to squeeze an incredible amount of data into it. It also looks beautiful, blending in nicely with the list’s more delicate competitors. It’s the smartwatch that would be useful even if the world came to an end. It will outlast all of us.

Honor magic watch 2

Honor’s enhanced magic watch 2 manages to seem like a “real” watch, with a typical tilt and a well sized screen and brilliant display. With similar size and a light feel on the wrist, the design is reminiscent of several of Huawei’s previous-generation smartwatches.

Its fitness package is remarkable, providing athletes – and you – with all they need to measure their progress professionally. The magic watch 2 is great value for anyone who wants to focus on health and fitness while benefiting from a decent level of smartwatch features. Its range of more lifestyle-focused apps isn’t the widest on this list, but for anyone who wants to focus on health and fitness while benefiting from a decent level of smartwatch features, the magic watch 2 is a great value.

Xiaomi mi watch

Xiaomi continues to deliver high-quality products at enticing rates. The Mi watch is a good alternative for those on a tight budget: it looks the part, with design cues from some of the big names, and has a simple user interface. It obviously focuses on health — in-built GPS and 117 training modes will take care of that – but it also works well as a no-nonsense wristwatch with features like music control and message notifications, as well as a large screen.

Realme watch

best smartwatches

The Realme GT is one of the greatest mid-range phones of the year, offering a high-end device at an absurdly low price. The Realme Watch may not climb the same trees as the GT, but it still performs well above its price range, with most of the top dog’s features (watch faces, phone and text notifications, music, and camera settings).

It also has a 36.5mm color touchscreen, as well as an intelligent activity tracker and real-time heart monitor. Realme has you covered if you’re not sure about wearable electronics and want to try something a little less risky for your wallet.

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