Security gadgets play a vital role in ensuring the safety of your family and property, and their value cannot be quantified.

In today’s market, where various technological options abound, selecting the appropriate security gadgets to safeguard your home can be overwhelming.

As estate agents, we are well-aware of the preferences of homeowners in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, especially when it comes to selecting their ideal homes. Security often ranks high on their list of priorities.

Here, we present a compilation of the most sought-after security gadgets by our clients for their homes.

1. Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell security gadgets

Smart doorbells offer incredible convenience, not only for coordinating deliveries but also for significantly enhancing your home’s security.

These security gadgets allow you to use your smartphone to instantly see who is approaching your front door. Equipped with security screws, smart doorbells are tamper-resistant, making it nearly impossible for criminals to remove them during or before a burglary.

Most smart doorbells include motion detectors that trigger instant notifications to your smartphone when activity is detected around your front door. This feature is invaluable, whether you’re away from home or in bed at night. For instance, the Ring Doorbell provides a wide range of security features, simple setup, and a user-friendly app, making it an excellent choice for bolstering your home’s safety.

2. Outdoor Security Light

Outdoor Security Light security gadgets

Outdoor security lights offer a cost-effective protection measure without the need for a full camera setup.

By installing a bright outside light, you and your family can safely enter and leave the property with ease. Additionally, it acts as a deterrent for unwelcome visitors, startling them and prompting them to leave your premises.

The Auraglow security light comes with a motion sensor that covers a wide range of up to 18 meters, allowing you to position it anywhere around your property while ensuring sufficient illumination and security.

3. Smart Plug

Smart Plug security gadgets

A smart plug serves as an adapter that can turn virtually any household electrical device into a smart device. It offers significant benefits for energy efficiency and the overall convenience of your home.

By integrating with your phone, smart plugs enable you to control plugged-in items from anywhere with an internet connection. One noteworthy security feature is the ability to remotely turn lights on and off, creating the illusion that someone is present at the property.

The Kasa smart plug boasts a user-friendly app and convenient voice controls, making it a seamless addition to your home. As an inexpensive gadget, smart plugs are a practical and effective means of enhancing home security.

4. Indoor Security Camera

Indoor Security Camera security gadgets

An indoor security camera fulfills its purpose precisely as described.

It offers the ideal means to monitor the interior of your home when you are away.

Cameras equipped with two-way audio prove invaluable for keeping an eye on pets and ensuring the safety of children who might arrive home after school.

Intruders beware, as the two-way audio system can give them quite a fright, while providing you with clear, HD video footage that can be handed over to the police.

The Google Nest Cam IQ is among the finest options available, boasting exceptional picture quality in all lighting conditions.

5. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector security gadgets

Securing your property involves more than just preventing break-ins. Even your smoke detector should do more than merely sound an alarm. Top-of-the-line devices on the market can accurately pinpoint the location of a fire and send alerts to your smartphone, even when you’re away from home.

No longer do you need to endure the annoyance of silencing the ear-piercing siren for a simple burnt toast mishap. The Nest Protect, capable of detecting both smoke and carbon monoxide, allows you to silence the sound directly from your smartphone if you are certain the smoke is not a cause for concern.

6. Smart Locks

Smart Locks security gadgets

Smart locks are still a relatively new concept but are expected to become an increasingly popular and essential feature for every property.

Although the idea of a home without a physical key might seem unfamiliar at first, it mirrors the way most hotels have operated for years, making it more relatable.

With smart locks, you can effortlessly open your door using your fingerprint or a smartphone app, providing a high level of convenience and flexibility. It allows you to quickly add or remove users as needed, such as family or friends who require access to your home.

The August WiFi Smart Lock comes with an innovative auto-lock feature, ensuring you never accidentally leave your house unlocked again.

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