5 New best gadgets 2018

1: mim Hybrid Smart Watch

Price: $103

Product description

As the perfect hybrid of elegant design and smart technology, mim presents classic watchmaking and smart functions with the world’s longest battery life. This attractive watch tracks your activities like a fitness band, but also notifies you of incoming notifications; and even let you take hand-free pictures with your smartphone. Looking for a smart watch that blends with your every outfit? Look no further. Read more..



2: PaQ Luggage Packing Companion

Price: $30

Product description

Easily pack your bags with the PaQ Luggage Packing Companion. This travel gadget quickens packing time and helps you pack. It also protects belongings inside bags and luggage during transportation, especially during flights. Simply lay PaQ on top of your items, push the yellow button and close the bag for ultimate protection. PaQ automatically inflates until your bag is filled, resulting in a tight cushioning fit. Likewise, it holds and protects your stuff. PaQ helps guard your belongings against bumps, swings, spills, damage, creasing and even theft. You’ll also receive a notification when your bag arrives at the conveyer belt, so you don’t have to stand around and wait for it. Expanding up to 650 cubic inches, PaQ fits all bag sizes. By saving time and protecting your stuff, PaQ lets you focus on your travels. Read more..



3: BottleLoft

Price: $38

Product description

With these clever fridge storage strips, your bottles will hang out in a cool loft that might make the orange juice jealous. Each strip features three super-strong neodymium magnets–two strips secure a six pack of your favorite beverage bottles to the ceiling of your refrigerator, keeping them handy and freeing up space for other food that’s just chillin’. The strips adhere to any spot with heavy-duty peel-and-stick adhesive. Made in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more..



4: FingerPow

Price: $49

Product description

Finger Pow is a portable charging solution designed for a life on the move. Unlike wall sockets or other portable charger, Finger Pow simplifies the entire charging process, and offers unparalleled portability. It expands on the power bank concept by splitting into four independent charging packs which you can grab-and-go as needed.

The core idea behind Finger Pow is to store electricity in small modular pieces. This combines four Charging Packs and the Charging Station, which can charge all four Charging Packs simultaneously while being itself a 5000mAh power bank.

Based on the sizes of popular available smart phones, we’ve custom-built Finger Pow to optimize the user experience while providing extra battery power. The Charging Pack is just the size of a USB drive and it can provide Iphone8 with about 25% charge.Moreover, we use a double magnetic connector to streamline the entire charging experience, which is the perfect solution to frayed charging cables, tripping hazards, and time wasted plugging-in. Read more..



5: Swytch Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Price: $450

 Product description

Turn your bike into a state-of-the-art electric bike with the Swytch Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This user-friendly kit fits any bicycle, allowing you to turn your favorite bike into an electric one. Instantly removable, you can switch from a regular to electric bike right away using the innovative Swytch power pack. Thanks to its incredibly lightweight design, the gadget adds just over three pounds to your bike. Likewise, the removable power pack weighs only 5.5 pounds. The conversion kit comes with two options, offering either a 25 or 50-mile range on a single charge. Both kits provide 250 watts of power and a top speed of 30Nm. The kits also come with a front LED light to help you stay visible on the road. Read more..

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