4 Top Projection Alarm Clocks to Display Time on a Wall or Ceiling

Projection Alarm Clocks: Looking for a refreshing way to kickstart your mornings and break free from the monotony of the same old alarm sound? Look no further than a projection alarm clock! We’ve done the research and put together a list of the finest projection alarm clocks, catering to various needs and tastes. Here’s a brief overview of our top recommendations:

4 Top Projection Alarm Clocks to Display Time on a Wall or Ceiling Projection Alarm Clocks

The Uptimus Projection Alarm Clock comes with a curved screen, FM radio, a clear ceiling projector, and dual alarms, making it a comprehensive and impressive choice.
If you’re looking for a compact yet feature-packed option, the SMARTRO Projection Alarm Clock is ideal, offering dual alarms, ceiling projection, an indoor thermometer and hygrometer gauge, and a USB port for charging devices, perfect for both home and travel use.
For a top-of-the-line experience, the La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock stands out with its color projection of time and temperature, atomic accuracy, wireless outdoor temperature sensor, and built-in USB charging port, ensuring utmost convenience.
The Homedics SoundSleep is a versatile 6-in-1 sleep device that includes 8 soothing nature sounds, sleep timer and alarm options, an indoor temperature sensor, and a time projector, providing all-around functionality for a restful sleep experience.

1. Uptimus Projection Alarm Clock

Uptimus Projection Alarm Clock
Key features:

The key features of this alarm clock include a curved screen that minimizes glare, an FM radio with adjustable volume, a clear ceiling projector, and dual alarms that allow you to customize the sounds for waking up.

Enhancing any bedroom, the Uptimus Projection Alarm Clock stands out as a must-have with its array of unique features. Its dimensions of 7 x 3.7 inches reveal a sleek curved screen that not only reduces distortion, glare, and eyestrain but also widens the field of view, resulting in improved focus and a more stylish appearance.

Another feature that’s sure to reduce eyestrain is the large 3.5 2-inch crystal LED display. Projection Alarm Clocks

Adding to its eyestrain-reducing features, the clock sports a large 3.5*2-inch crystal LED display. With the clock’s dimmer, you have the flexibility to adjust the brightness from 0 to 100%, catering to your individual preferences. This proves especially beneficial for those who prefer a dimmer display or wish to turn it off entirely for an undisturbed night’s rest.

Moreover, the unit includes an integrated FM radio with both manual and auto-tuning capabilities. The volume control, ranging from 0 to 100%, allows for easy adjustment to achieve the perfect listening level. Additionally, the clock incorporates a clear projector, enabling users to effortlessly read the time on their ceiling without the need to strain their eyes by squinting at a phone screen.

phone screen Projection Alarm Clocks

With dual alarms and a selection of five distinct alarm sounds, this clock guarantees personalized wake-up settings for both you and your partner. It provides a snooze function and three volume levels ranging from 75 to 85dB for added convenience.

Featuring a 5V/1.2A USB charging port and a USB-C adapter, charging devices becomes effortless, and the 69.5-inch cable provides ample length for convenient placement on a nightstand. Moreover, the built-in battery backup (CR2032) ensures that your settings remain preserved during power outages, though it doesn’t power the clock itself.

User-friendly top-mounted control buttons Projection Alarm Clocks

The Uptimus Projection Alarm Clock is designed with user-friendly top-mounted control buttons and dials featuring easily recognizable icons, making it an ideal choice for everyone. These intuitive controls streamline the process of programming alarms and setting times effortlessly. Additionally, the clock’s non-slip base ensures stability, adding to its practicality and reliability, making it a perfect fit for any bedroom.

2. SMARTRO Projection Alarm Clock

SMARTRO Projection Alarm Clock

Key features:

The clock comes equipped with a dual alarm function that includes a ceiling projection feature. It also features an indoor thermometer and hygrometer gauge, allowing you to keep track of the temperature and humidity levels inside your room. The added USB port enables you to conveniently charge your devices. Moreover, you have the freedom to adjust the backlit brightness as per your preference, and the snooze function offers extra convenience for a more relaxed wake-up routine.

During our search for the perfect alarm clock, we stumbled upon the SMARTRO Projection Alarm Clock, a fantastic combination of functionality and convenience. This versatile clock is well-suited for both bedroom use and travel, offering the flexibility of AC and battery power sources. Measuring a compact 5.28 x 3.14 inches, it seamlessly integrates into any room setup with ease.

The standout feature of this alarm clock Projection Alarm Clocks

The most remarkable aspect of this alarm clock is its dual alarm function, complete with ceiling projection capabilities. This unique feature enables users to set two separate alarms for different purposes, while the time is elegantly projected in a soft red hue onto the ceiling or wall. The projection’s visibility spans the entire room, with the recommended distance for optimal projection ranging from 5 to 13 feet. For added flexibility, the projection can be reversed by 90 degrees. This proves to be particularly beneficial for kids and individuals who prefer to check the time quickly without disrupting their sleep.

The device’s time projection is temporary Projection Alarm Clocks

When using AAA batteries to power the device, the time projection is temporary and can be activated by pressing the top button. Please note that the clock does not come with batteries, so you’ll need to provide your own if you choose to use this power source. On the other hand, if you use the included 5-volt power adapter, both the backlighting and projection will remain constantly lit.

The snooze button allows for three different levels of backlit brightness adjustment, and the USB port serves a dual purpose, functioning as a convenient charger for your smart devices while you sleep.

Another impressive feature of this alarm clock is its indoor thermometer and hygrometer gauge, equipped with built-in sensors to provide accurate humidity and temperature readings, ensuring optimal living conditions for your household. The snooze function operates in 5-minute increments, while the alarm itself boasts a nice and loud sound, guaranteed to wake even the heaviest of sleepers.

The inclusion of temperature Projection Alarm Clocks

SMARTRO’s Projection Alarm Clock stands out from many others due to the inclusion of temperature and time and date display. However, its design is the only notable downside. While mostly solid, the clock lacks even weight distribution, leading to instances where blindly hitting the snooze button in the morning may cause it to tip over. Apart from this drawback, the clock offers a plethora of features and functions, making it a compelling choice with numerous bells and whistles.

3. La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock

La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock

Key features:

  • Color projection of time and temperature
  • Atomic accuracy with self-setting time
  • Wireless outdoor temperature sensor
  • Built-in USB charging port

Introducing the La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock, a multifunctional timepiece that goes beyond being just an alarm clock. Noteworthy features include its ability to display outdoor temperature and its built-in USB charging port, offering added convenience and versatility.

Measuring at 5.23 x 4.33 inches, the clock showcases a rectangular shape with a digital display, constructed from plastic material. Despite its plastic build, it exudes a sense of quality, being lightweight yet durable. The color LCD screen impresses with its brightness and vividness, featuring large 1.25-inch time digits for easy readability at a quick glance. Additionally, the clock provides indoor and outdoor temperature readings, complemented by trend arrows, which deliver valuable information to users.

The clock's projection capabilities are truly impressive Projection Alarm Clocks

The clock’s projection capabilities are truly impressive. With a 90-degree arm rotation, users can conveniently project the time and/or outdoor temperature onto the ceiling or wall. The clock offers three projection modes to choose from: time/outdoor temperature, time only, or outdoor temperature only. Moreover, the projection arm can rotate in 180-degree increments, allowing for a comfortable viewing angle. To suit individual preferences, the projection intensity can be easily adjusted with “HI/LO/OFF” settings.

With the clock being radio-controlled Projection Alarm Clocks

With the clock being radio-controlled, it boasts atomic accuracy, precise down to the second. It effortlessly self-sets the time based on one of the seven pre-set time zones and automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time changes. The inclusion of a crescendo alarm and a 9-minute snooze function ensures reliable wake-up calls.

Like similar clocks, it comes equipped with a built-in USB port, adding an extra level of convenience for charging mobile devices. For backup power, the clock requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included), and to keep you informed, low battery indicators are thoughtfully provided.

The wireless outdoor sensor (TX141) has an impressive 330-foot range in open air and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F. It requires 2 AA batteries (also not included) to function seamlessly.

Throughout our testing Projection Alarm Clocks

Throughout our testing, we were impressed with the accuracy and user-friendliness of the projection and temperature features. We obtained precise temperature readings from a distance of approximately two miles. The alarm clock’s versatile display options and USB charging port make it a highly valuable addition to any bedside table. However, there is a notable caveat regarding the display. When viewed head-on, the display is bright and clear, but from an angle, especially from the top, it becomes difficult to decipher the information.

Despite this drawback, the La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock offers a unique blend of features and functionality. Its projection capabilities and adjustable settings make it a top choice for those seeking a multifunctional alarm clock.

What we liked:

  • Large, vivid color LCD display
  • Adjustable projection intensity settings
  • Seven pre-set time zone selections
  • Crescendo alarm with 9-minute snooze

What we didn’t like:

  • Batteries not included
  • Loses clarity when viewed at angles

4. Homedics SoundSleep Projection Clock

Homedics Sound Sleep Projection Clock Projection Alarm Clocks

Key features:

  • 6-in-1 versatile sleep device
  • 8 soothing nature sounds
  • Sleep timer and alarm options
  • Indoor temperature sensor and time projector

The Homedics SoundSleep is a versatile 6-in-1 device, perfectly suited for those seeking to enhance their sleep quality and wake up feeling refreshed. While it measures 7.3 x 6.25 inches, making it slightly larger than some clocks, its comprehensive features make it the ideal choice in our opinion.

We were highly impressed by the wide range of sleep sound options provided Projection Alarm Clocks

We were highly impressed by the wide range of sleep sound options provided. With a selection of eight digitally recorded nature sounds, such as fan, thunderstorm, gentle rain, campfire, rainforest, white noise, ocean, and brook, users can effortlessly find the perfect calming audio to aid in falling asleep. During our testing, we found these sounds to be authentic and incredibly soothing, effectively helping users relax and create a peaceful environment to block out distractions.

The alarm clock function of this device Projection Alarm Clocks

The alarm clock function of this device offers a convenient sleep timer and multiple alarm options, allowing users to fall asleep to their preferred radio station or sound. Additionally, there’s an auto-off function that can be set in 15-minute increments, up to 60 minutes, ensuring it doesn’t play all night long. During our testing, we found the alarm to be effective, gently waking up users without causing abrupt disruptions to their sleep cycle.

In addition to the alarm clock features, this device comes with extra perks. An indoor temperature sensor displays the current room temperature on the device’s front, while the time projector allows users to conveniently view the time on their wall or ceiling. These features eliminate the need for checking the time on a phone or another clock and keep users informed about their environment with ease.

the Homedics Sound Sleep Projection Alarm Clocks

Last but not least, the Homedics SoundSleep doubles as a smartphone holder, allowing users to conveniently keep their phone close while they sleep. This versatile device serves as an excellent combination of a sleep sound machine and an alarm clock, offering added benefits like a temperature sensor and time projector. Overall, the SoundSleep presents an impressive range of features, elevating sleep quality and morning routines for all users.

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