2023’s Must-Have Tech Toys and Gifts for Kids

Tech Toys and Gifts for Kids Unlike last year’s holiday season, which was marred by supply chain disruptions, this upcoming season is showing signs of improvement. As we venture out to reconnect with friends and family, we’re also indulging in the new hobbies we’ve embraced over the past couple of years – and this extends to your children, who may have developed fresh interests. If your kids have developed a keen interest in science and technology (and we’re not just talking about video games), we’ve compiled some fantastic ideas for you. These suggestions are bound to bring joy to kids of all ages, from the little ones to those who may have grown in stature but remain youthful at heart.

1. Laugh & Learn Game Controller

Parents who are new to gaming are likely eager to introduce their kids to controllers, but shelling out $70 for a DualShock 5 may not be practical, especially when the child might just treat it as a teething toy. Instead, consider starting them off with this child-friendly Fisher Price controller. While it won’t control video games, it’s designed with everything a baby finds appealing – vibrant colors, illuminating lights, tactile buttons, and entertaining sounds. Plus, there’s a hidden surprise for adults who enter the Konami code.

2. LeapFrog Chat & Count Emoji Phone

Children have an affinity for phones, but parents don’t necessarily have to entrust them with the latest iPhone or Pixel to keep them content. LeapFrog offers a model with a limited assortment of educational minigames designed to impart fundamental counting skills. Even 18-month-olds can engage with it, making it an excellent tool to keep little ones entertained during lengthy car journeys or even a brief diaper change. Moreover, it closely resembles a real phone, effectively diverting their attention from your valuable device.

3. Hello Kitty Purse Pet

Teenagers can exhibit quirky tastes, and what might unsettle you can absolutely captivate them. Case in point: Spin Master’s interactive Purse Pets, essentially miniature handbags that feature blinking lights and sound effects. The latest versions even sport familiar characters, such as Japan’s beloved Hello Kitty and her companion Chococat. Consider gifting one of these to the anime enthusiast in your life, and you’ll earn a few cool points in their book.

4. VTech Level Up Gaming Chair

Children often enjoy mimicking adults, and now you can discover if this extends to your gaming pastimes by providing them with their own chair! This chair is designed to resemble a customized gaming throne, complete with a stable base to prevent any accidental tipping while they engage in their imaginative adventures. It even comes with a miniature keyboard and headset, allowing them to look the part of a genuine Twitch streamer. Additionally, the included small tray enables them to enjoy snacks while watching gaming videos or catching the latest episode of ‘Bluey’.

5. Barbie Eco-Leadership Team

Barbie has embarked on numerous careers throughout her history, but perhaps none are as significant as her mission to protect the environment. However, she knows she can’t do it alone; she needs a dedicated team. This set includes an entire environmental crew, consisting of a conservation scientist, a renewable energy engineer, a chief sustainability officer, and an environmental advocate. With this set, your child can engage in imaginative play that addresses one of today’s most critical issues and may even impart valuable lessons on environmental care.

6. Yoto Mini

When we were children, our toys were simple, like the Fisher Price record player. However, today’s kids require a touch of modern technology. The Yoto player is a speaker designed for children, capable of playing age-appropriate audiobooks, songs, and engaging content. It even features a free daily podcast filled with entertaining trivia and games. For on-the-go entertainment without relying on screens, the Yoto Mini, a compact version, is perfect for keeping kids engaged during plane rides, train journeys, and car trips.

7. BRIO Smart Tech Sound Record & Play Engine

This isn’t the BRIO of your childhood; it’s an enhanced version. The Record & Play Engine is a battery-powered train designed to run on the wooden tracks you may already own. It brings a new level of excitement by allowing your child to record their own sounds. Additionally, there’s a complimentary app that offers a wide range of play possibilities, and the engine seamlessly integrates with other BRIO Smart Tech products, enabling you to expand your child’s railway collection.

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