10 Best Smartphone Accessories for Traveling

Make sure you pack the best smartphone accessories for your next trip, from protective cases and screen protectors to add-on camera lenses for wide-angle images and virtual meetings.

Screen Protector

A screen protector acts as a shield between your smartphone’s glass touch screen and the outside world, preventing your device from being cracked or scratched. When selecting a screen protector, look for one that is both compatible with your phone and long-lasting.

Screen Protector smartphone accessories

The screen protector, on the other hand, just protects the front of your phone’s screen, so you’ll need a sturdy protective case to safeguard the back from the water, shock, dents, and other sorts of damage.

Smartphone Case

Few things are more frustrating than dropping your phone and seeing that the screen is broken when you pick it up.

Smartphone Case smartphone accessories

A durable protective case for your Android or iPhone can safeguard your phone from drops, dents, scratches, and bumps without being too heavy in your pocket. If you spend a lot of time at the beach or by the pool, invest in a water-resistant case to keep your phone dry.

Waterproof Case

While on vacation, dropping your phone in the pool or muddy puddles is a disaster. Fortunately, you can avoid tragedy and alleviate your concern by using a waterproof case or backpack to keep your phone safe everywhere you go.

Waterproof Case

Many waterproof case designs allow you to submerge your smartphone in the water while still making fantastic videos and photos. In addition, the case protects your phone dry and protected, as well as provides more space to store other items such as credit cards or cash.

Cable Charger (Android, iOS)

The most important smartphone accessories on our list are cable chargers, which ensure that your phone never runs out of power. You should choose a cable charger that is both robust and compatible with your device, whether you have an Android or an iPhone.

These chargers are available in braided nylon, stainless steel, or gold plating. If you have an iPhone and require a third-party cable charger, look for one that is suitable and certified, such as the SyncWire iPhone charger Lightning cable, to ensure that it functions properly with your smartphone.

Cable Charger (Android, iOS) smartphone accessories

Try the seeker nylon-braided tangle-free cable with greater charge and sync, higher durability, and increased flexibility if you require a fancy charging cable for Android phones.

Before you buy a USB cable for your smartphone, read our guide to how they operate.

Power Bank

Your smartphone may soon run out of battery while traveling, and you’ve only just begun your trip. Taking limitless films or images, or streaming movies and music on the fly is one of the reasons behind this.

Power Bank smartphone accessories

You can keep your phone charged while on the go or at your Airbnb with a portable power bank. You’ll be able to capture more memories and avoid having to deal with a dead phone battery this way.

Handheld Video Stabilizer

A handheld video stabilizer is a wonderful smartphone travel item if you capture a lot of movies to document your travels. This device allows you to film in a steady and smooth manner, so you’ll never have to worry about posting a shaky video again.

Handheld Video Stabilizer smartphone accessories

A magnetic ring holder and phone clamp are included with the video stabilizer, allowing you to attach your phone to the stabilizer for ideal filming on the go.

It also has a Hollywood-style creative dynamic zoom shot, gesture control for capturing photos or starting films with simply a motion, and it’s compatible with most smartphones.

Smartphone Camera Lens

Thanks to numerous lenses that allow you to alter your viewpoint on the fly, most smartphones today can produce great images and videos.

Smartphone Camera Lens smartphone accessories

If your phone’s camera isn’t as good or only has one lens, you can utilize an extra smartphone camera lens to improve your images and movies.

Selfie Flash Light

Selfie flashlights ensure that you have adequate lighting everywhere you go. The majority of these smartphone flashlights are simple to use and attach to your device.

Furthermore, the light includes LED lights for enough brightness, allowing you to capture beautiful selfies in low-light situations. The lights are rechargeable, and you may choose the light level that you choose.

Selfie Flash Light smartphone accessories

The light is also equipped with a sturdy clamp that is made of scratch-resistant and an anti-slip sponge to keep it from falling off and safeguard your phone from scratches. It also works well as an emergency light in low-light situations.

Installing a front flash camera app is a fantastic alternative to buying a selfie flashlight. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in front camera, the software simulates camera flashes so you can better illuminate your selfies.

If you have an Android phone, you can download the Selfie Master front flash camera app, or if you have an iPhone, you can download Selfshot.

Car Mounts

A car mount is an excellent smartphone accessory to have, particularly if you plan on doing long road trips. The mount safely holds and protects your phone while driving, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Car Mounts

Not only that, but you can use your phone and glance at directions without taking your hands off the wheel. You can select between a magnetic or non-magnetic car attachment that wirelessly charges your device while keeping it secure.

Foldable Keyboard

Foldable Keyboard

If you don’t want to travel with your laptop, a folding keyboard is a must-have smartphone attachment. You can send simple emails and rapidly modify a document without worrying about auto-correcting mistakes.

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