10 Top Smart Devices for Modern Living 2023

Constantly seeking innovative ways to rejuvenate our living environment, we explore avenues such as arranging our spices in elegantly labeled containers, embracing versatile convertible furniture, and acquiring chic sofas to adorn our living areas. Yet, the enhancement of our homes transcends mere furnishing and décor procurement. It extends to the incorporation of nifty household gadgets designed to simplify our daily routines. Think cutting-edge kitchen appliances, voice-activated assistants, automated vacuum robots, and indispensable electronic companions that have garnered enthusiastic acclaim from online buyers and garnered praise from POPSUGAR editors. Within this realm of smart devices, the pursuit of an upgraded lifestyle gains further momentum.

We’ve assembled a selection of premier home gadgets and essential tech innovations designed to elevate your living space and optimize your weekly household tasks. Craft an ideal indoor ambiance using a smartphone-controlled smart thermostat or an air purifier that efficiently reduces irritants and allergens. Maintain a pristine home environment with versatile Dyson vacuum cleaners that offer exceptional value for your investment – take our word for it, our editors consider these tools indispensable for any home.

Our curation extends to indispensable kitchen appliances, encompassing the likes of an Instant Pot and an intelligent Keurig coffee maker. These appliances are engineered to minimize your time spent in the kitchen, allowing you to dedicate more moments to meaningful pursuits – like indulging in your beloved TV series. Explore our featured assortment of top-tier smart home devices, ideal for those looking to indulge in well-deserved upgrades this year.

1. Best Outdoor Home Gadget

Best Outdoor Home Gadget

A versatile companion for every season, the ThermoPro TP65 Digital Wireless Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer (initially priced at $28, now available for $25) proves invaluable. With the capacity to monitor temperatures in three separate remote areas simultaneously, its utility spans beyond any specific weather condition. The expansive display conveniently links to your smartphone, providing continuous access to both indoor and outdoor weather updates.

2. Best Home Plugs

Best Home Plugs

Bid farewell to concerns about inadvertently leaving devices plugged in as you exit your home. The intelligent Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter, priced at $40, alleviates this worry. Equipped with integrated schedules and remote smartphone control, this device streamlines the process. Furthermore, it responds to voice commands, facilitating the effortless deactivation of lights or appliances with unparalleled convenience.

3. Best Bluetooth Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones

Experience a year of enhanced sleep quality with the Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask, priced at $23 (originally $31). This distinctive item boasts a multitude of enthusiastic Amazon reviews, attesting to its excellence. Incorporating sleek speakers, the mask enables you to play soothing content for a restful slumber. Its lightweight, washable construction ensures both comfort and ease of use, and it can even be effortlessly linked to your smartphone for added convenience.

4. Best Smart Cleaning Device

Best Smart Cleaning Device

In the present times, the potential for germs to circulate within and outside your home is considerable, particularly during the flu season. The PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer, priced at $60, offers a solution to effortlessly eliminate toxins from your smartphone. Utilizing UV lights, this device achieves an impressive 99.9 percent germ-free status for your technology. A PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer product review from a POPSUGAR editor even attests that it has been a life-altering addition.

5. A Must-Have Home Diffuser

A Must-Have Home Diffuser

The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser, priced at $99, offers not just a subtle approach to maintaining a pleasantly fragrant home, but also enables users to effortlessly manage the device via their smartphone. This diffuser, celebrated by online enthusiasts, has also captured the admiration of POPSUGAR editors, as highlighted in their detailed product review of the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser.

6. An Indoor Smart Garden

An Indoor Smart Garden

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden, priced at $80, offers a perfect solution for individuals seeking to cultivate their own produce without access to a yard. Featuring a range of pods, this garden accommodates the growth of herbs, fruits, and vegetables alike. The self-watering planter presents a delightful family experience accessible to all. This system is particularly well-suited for compact apartment settings and those new to gardening, as outlined comprehensively in our product review of the Click & Grow Indoor Smart Garden.

7. Best Smart Air Purifier

Best Smart Air Purifier

Tailored for medium-sized areas, the Levoit Core 200S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, originally priced at $90 but now available for $80, incorporates a nylon pre-filter, a genuine HEPA filter, and an activated-carbon filter. This intelligent air purifier can be easily managed and tracked using the complimentary VeSync app, seamlessly linking to Alexa or Google Assistant. Regard it as a vital, energy-conscious air purification addition that merits its place within your home.

8. Best Smart Home Sleeping Device

Best Smart Home Sleeping Device

Enhance your evening ritual through the assistance of the Dodow Sleep Aid Device, previously priced at $118 but currently available for $98. In contrast to various other smart home gadgets, this technology boasts a straightforward approach. Emitting a gentle pulsating blue light onto the ceiling, it guides you toward refining your breathing technique for a swifter onset of sleep. Delve deeper into the insights about this intelligent home innovation by exploring the Dodow Sleep Device review.

9. Best Multifunctional Smart Device

Best Multifunctional Smart Device

Priced at $130, the Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Smart Light offers more than a mere home enhancement. Within its compact design, this intelligent device seamlessly combines the functionalities of a sound machine, ambient light, and sunrise alarm clock, embodying an all-encompassing solution. Not only acclaimed for its superior performance, the highly-rated tool is reputed to elevate both your morning regimen through automated features and your overall sleep quality. Delve into the comprehensive advantages of this Hatch Restore product by exploring its illuminating product review.

10. Best Smart Home Appliance

Best Smart Home Appliance

Priced at $164, marked down from $230, the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Coffee Maker is crafted to deliver a flawlessly tailored coffee experience through the integration of the BrewID app on your smartphone. This innovative BrewID technology adeptly discerns the distinct brand and roast of the K-cup pod, subsequently fine-tuning the brewing parameters to align with the recommendations of the coffee aficionado behind its creation. Think of it as having a seasoned barista constantly available within your home, a notion that’s even earned the approval of POPSUGAR editors. For deeper insights, peruse our detailed Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Coffee Maker review.

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