10 Must-Have Smarthouse Gadgets for a Connected Home

1. Smartlock

Smartlock Smarthouse Gadgets

Smarthouse I was seeking a solution for enabling my son to enter the house after school without the concern of him misplacing his key. Additionally, I wanted to reduce the number of keys I had to carry around. I wasn’t inclined towards using a code that could be easily seen or shared, so I was genuinely excited about the fingerprint reader. The installation process was straightforward, the setup required minimal effort, and its operation is remarkably smooth and accurate. What I particularly appreciate is that when we leave the house, we can simply press a button to lock the door on our way out, and it’s both quick and reliable. Upon returning, all it takes is a quick scan of your finger (in my case, my thumb) followed by entry. I found that the most comfortable way for me to scan was with my thumb pointing to the side (the scanner can read a finger or thumb at various angles). It’s worth noting that this device can store over a hundred prints, accommodating multiple scans for you and your family with ease.

2. Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser Smarthouse Gadgets

A generous 400ml water tank allows for continuous misting for up to 12 hours.

Review excerpt: “I am absolutely enamored with this diffuser. I’ve owned several different brands of diffusers and have one in each room of my apartment, so I’ve tested quite a few. This one stands out as my absolute favorite. Its sleek and modern design adds a stylish touch to the room, and the subtle color-changing light enhances the overall ambiance. The Wi-Fi capabilities are a fantastic feature, enabling convenient control from my phone. The accompanying app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Honestly, given its price, I initially had reservations, but it has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t anticipate finding such an incredible diffuser at this price point in the industry. Additionally, the company’s proactive outreach via email, twice, to ensure my satisfaction throughout the entire process from ordering to setup and usage has left me thoroughly impressed. Overall, I am exceptionally pleased with this product. If you’re in the market for a new diffuser, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this one a try.”

3. Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame Smarthouse Gadgets

The packaging is exquisite, reminiscent of an Apple product. The setup process is extremely straightforward. I’ve connected with two friends through the app, and now, while practicing social distancing, I’m receiving photos from them across the county! It’s an essential addition.

4. End table

End table Smarthouse Gadgets

The sound quality is impressive for the average user, although an audio engineer might notice subtle distinctions. I appreciate its Bluetooth functionality and wireless charging feature. However, it’s worth noting that the wireless charging didn’t fully charge my phone; I had to lift and reposition it on the charger to resume charging.

5. Wi-Fi-enabled light switch

Wi-Fi-enabled light switch Smarthouse Gadgets

I purchased this switch for our bedroom to eliminate the need for us to leave the bed to switch off the overhead lights. Once I realized that the installation instructions were available on the Kasa App, I successfully wired it into our switch box without any hassle. Additionally, configuring it to function with our Amazon Alexa devices was a straightforward process.

6. Stainless-steel, hands-free faucet

Stainless-steel, hands-free faucet Smarthouse Gadgets

I’ve explored several faucet options for replacing the one in my kitchen. I decided to give it a try and placed an order on Amazon. To my surprise, the product exceeded my expectations. The package contained all the necessary components, and the instructions were exceptionally clear, including the required tools.

7. Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker Smarthouse Gadgets

This compact device can produce booming sound unlike any other speaker of its size. I cranked up the speaker to maximum volume in a room downstairs, and even several rooms away and up a flight of stairs, I could still clearly hear every lyric of the song I was playing (you can tell I was quite enthusiastic about it). It established a seamless Bluetooth connection with my phone instantly. Furthermore, it appears durable enough to withstand some minor bumps, which is particularly useful for my outdoor usage. It stands as the smallest portable speaker I’ve ever encountered, yet it delivers impressive sound without any distortion even at high volumes. The sound quality across all levels is exceptional. I’m eager to see how it performs over time, but based on my initial impressions, this speaker represents the best value for the price, and I’d argue it’s worth even more.

8. Mini projector

Mini projector Smarthouse Gadgets

It has been a delightful experience using it to project movies on the side of my house for outdoor movie nights and on my bedroom ceiling for a cozy TV-watching session before sleep. The image quality is quite impressive considering the price point. While it may not be sharp enough for reading website text, it certainly provides enough clarity to read movie subtitles.

9. Wireless and waterproof smartcamera

Wireless and waterproof smartcamera Smarthouse Gadgets

My husband and I experienced a devastating apartment fire earlier this year, resulting in the loss of all our belongings. As a thoughtful housewarming gift, we received our first Wyze cam due to its smoke detector alert capability. We were so impressed with its performance that we decided to purchase another one. During our recent vacation to Ireland, having the Wyze cam in place made it considerably more manageable to be away from home, as we could check on our cat whenever we wished. The advantages of this camera include its night vision, straightforward setup, adjustable motion detection sensitivity, and picture quality.

10. Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock Smarthouse Gadgets

This review may be a bit lengthy, but in summary, I want to emphasize that this is an incredible little product, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I’ve been dealing with mild insomnia and typically rely on sleep aids, which, while effective, are not ideal for nightly use. Moreover, having relocated from sunny Southern California to Washington state a year ago, I’ve experienced the challenge of enduring the dark winters here. Enter this remarkable alarm clock, which has transformed my life in just three weeks.

The “sleepy time” setting possesses a remarkable ability to help me fall asleep without the need for sleep aids – an unexpected benefit. It’s astonishing how my brain responds to the way the light functions. Furthermore, the morning alarm is gentle and peaceful, allowing me to wake up more naturally compared to the jarring sounds or passive-aggressive chiming of a conventional alarm clock (I’m looking at you, Apple).

The customizable light settings are also a source of joy. I enjoy having it on a low setting while I engage in activities like journaling, reading, or watching TV – it adds a pleasant ambiance. Honestly, I’d be willing to pay two or even three times the price for this remarkable device.

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