10 Gift Ideas for Avid PC Gamers

Navigating the world of shopping for a PC gamer can feel like a challenging journey. The allure of seemingly great deals at Amazon or Best Buy can lead you astray, as tempting as those steep price reductions may be, they don’t always deliver the promised treasures. Moreover, PC gamers are known for their unpredictable preferences. Yet, what defines a PC gamer if not an explorer—a solitary one, perhaps, but an explorer nonetheless! To aid those in search of the perfect gifts for the PC gamer in their life this holiday season, we’ve compiled a straightforward guide. Every item on this list is sure to be embraced by adventurers of all kinds.

1. A Worthwhile Gamepad

A Worthwhile Gamepad PC Gamers

Certain games simply shine when played with a controller, although they might bring along certain drawbacks compared to a keyboard and mouse setup. This is where exceptionally adaptable controllers like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 come into play. It allows you to fine-tune the resistance of its control sticks, replace paddles and D-pads according to your preferences, and even incorporate additional rear buttons for a personalized gaming experience. To explore further alternatives, take a look at our comprehensive guide to the finest game controllers available.

2. Unlimited (Battery) Power

Unlimited (Battery) Power PC Gamers

Achieving an exceptionally rare perfect score of 10 out of 10 in our assessment, this headset stands out due to its remarkable 300-hour battery life. Through rigorous testing, we confirmed that even after a continuous two-week usage, it remained functional. Adding to its impressive features, it offers exceptional sound quality, an extensive wireless range, and a comfortable design suitable for extended wear. There is truly nothing within our observation to raise as a concern regarding this product.

3. Access to 100 Games

Access to 100 Games PC Gamers

Xbox’s Game Pass exceeds expectations in an unexpected manner. For a monthly fee of $10, subscribers gain access to a constantly evolving selection of genuinely impressive PC games—without any necessity for an Xbox console. This encompasses notable titles such as Halo Infinite, Persona 5 Royal, Deathloop, along with an array of exceptional indie games. Microsoft’s in-house games are promptly available on the platform upon their release, and the library has been enriched through collaboration with EA Play. This digital code offers a three-month subscription to the service, allowing the recipient to either explore its offerings or extend their existing subscription period.

4. Technicolor Audio

Technicolor Audio PC Gamers

Renowned for crafting some of our preferred gaming headsets, SteelSeries has boldly entered the realm of desktop speakers. Earning a commendable score of 8/10 and a recommendation from WIRED, the Arena 7 speakers offer a lush and all-encompassing auditory experience, enhanced by their substantial subwoofer that delivers impactful bass. Additionally, the primary speakers feature RGB LEDs that harmonize with SteelSeries’ other peripherals, synchronizing seamlessly with your recipient’s gaming setup’s lighting arrangement.

5. Forever Warm Drinks

Forever Warm Drinks PC Gamers

Few things are as disheartening as dedicating hours to acquiring an exotic item in Destiny 2, only to realize that your coffee has turned cold while you were engrossed. The Ember mug steps in as a savior for your dear one’s lukewarm coffee dilemma, maintaining it at the optimal temperature courtesy of its built-in heating mechanism. With the accompanying app, temperature adjustments are effortless, and a tea timer further enhances its functionality. This mug proves to be the ideal companion for extended journeys through uncharted terrains.

6. Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights PC Gamers

You might find yourself questioning the necessity of illuminated lights on a mousepad for a gamer. Technically, they don’t need it. However, I’d wager that they’d still appreciate having one. The Razer Firefly is available in two versions—a hard, smooth-surfaced one and a softer-textured alternative. Both offer an exceptional gaming experience, as mice glide effortlessly across their surfaces, reminiscent of skating on glass. The LED lighting beneath adds a stylish element, and if your recipient possesses other Razer peripherals (such as a Razer mouse or keyboard), they can synchronize them to display the same lighting pattern.

7. For Competitive Gamers

For Competitive Gamers PC Gamers

In the not-so-distant past, participating in competitive gaming as a trick-shooter using a wireless mouse was a challenge due to noticeable latency—a delay in the computer’s interpretation of mouse movements. However, this wireless mouse, supported by the endorsement of professional gamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, maintains its position as a leading choice. Characterized by its lightweight build, precision, and ergonomic comfort, the Logitech G305 features an impressively swift 1-millisecond report rate and offers an extensive battery life of up to 250 hours (requiring AA battery replacement every six months or so under heavy usage). Moreover, it’s available in a range of colors including white, mint, lilac, and blue.

8. Curved Vision

Curved Vision PC Gamers

A well-chosen gaming monitor can significantly enhance the gaming experience for your recipient, especially during intense shooters or fast-paced competitive games. Standing as our choice for a budget-friendly gaming display, this 27-inch curved Dell monitor represents a noteworthy improvement over standard screens. It boasts a 1440-pixel resolution, supports a remarkable refresh rate of up to 165 frames per second, and is compatible with AMD FreeSync technology to ensure seamless motion.

9. Mechanical Marvel

Mechanical Marvel PC Gamers

Nowadays, keyboards have evolved into fashion statements, offering a variety of aesthetics from elegant pink and lilac pearl to nostalgic black and red retro, not to forget the vibrant rainbow backlit variety. Keychron’s Q3, a wired mechanical keyboard, takes this trend to new heights, particularly in its captivating blue hue, potentially making other mechanical keyboards seem lackluster to your recipient. Opting for the model equipped with the Fully Assembled Knob is recommended, providing a satisfying means to control volume. Keychron surpasses the standard customization options you’d typically find on Amazon (my preference lies with the Gateron Brown switches). It includes a color-matched USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-A adapter for PCs without a USB-C port.

10. Night Watch

Night Watch PC Gamers

For the gamer giftee who often resides in a dimly lit room, and if their desk remains as cluttered as ever, consider presenting them with the BenQ ScreenBar. This innovative accessory is designed to suspend from the upper edge of a monitor, even accommodating curved ultrawides, to cast illumination across the desk without occupying any valuable space. Connecting is hassle-free with its USB-A plug, allowing them to easily link it up to their PC.

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