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Revolar – World’s Smallest Wearable Personal Safety Device

Every one of us, no doubt, faces such a situation when he finds himself unsafe and helpless with limited access, for help, to their loved ones. Such a situation may be safety problem or a medical emergency. Revolar personal safety device is your companion for the time when you are in trouble and need help.

Personal Safety Device

How is it Helpful?

Revolar is the world’s smallest device for personal safety that lets your loved ones to know your current GPS location as well as situation in which you are. Revolar lets you calling for help silently when you need it the most with just single press of a button. It, too, automatically sends an alert message to your loved ones whenever you are scared, in emergency or a trouble. It allows you to live more and fear less.

How to Use Revolar Personal Safety Device?

Feeling great gets start with feeling safe. That’s the reason Revolar Company has worked for your personal safety and introduces the fastest wearable personal safety device to get help any instant when you need it. The device is handy and easy to use. Following steps will definitely help you understanding how to use it!

Pairing Device with Free App:Personal Safety Device

Revolar connects to your smartphone wirelessly. You can add upto 5 persons to whom you want to inform in any emergency case. The low energy Bluetooth connection protects you from paying any extra monthly fee and it pricelessly keeps your family and friends updated about you.

Wearing the Device:

Once you have paired it with your compatible phone now it’s time to wear it. You can easily wear it under clothing or entangled with your keychain. Never forget about taking it with you whenever you are out for shopping, travel, or any other activity.

Personal Safety Device Personal Safety Device


Calling for Help:

Any moment you wish your family and friends, in your selected list, to know where you’re and how are you feeling, just press Revolar’s button. Your contacts will instantly get your alert message and they will be more likely to help you than ever before.

Personal Safety Device

Available Products:Personal Safety Device

Two models for the Revolar personal safety device are available.

  1. Revolar Original
  2. Revolar Instinct


Unique Features:

A simple comparison of the quality features for the both Revolar models is given below.

Personal Safety Device

Watch Revolar in Action!

Want to Buy Now?

Price: $59 – $79

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